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  1. really looking forward to this direction for the book.  I hope it goes well.

  2. I will try, but I am not optomistic…

  3. I love anything with Rogue, so I’m looking forward to this

  4. I’m betting that this will be my POTW. Carey ca write the hell out of Rogue, and if this book goes in the direction I think it is (a new New X-Men series) then Im gonna love it!

  5. After losing interest in the last half year of this title, this issue really did a great job of pulling me in and making me excited for what’s to come.

  6. there really was a lot of good stuff going on in this issue.

  7. This was very good, but for an annual…I’d expect more of a complete story, rather than a part one of four and then a teaser. When the Gambit vignette started I was like "Already?" Great art and nice story development nonetheless. Gets me excited for this title again.

  8. I take it back.  I was wrong.  I completely enjoyed this issue.  surves me right for doubting.  I really enjoyed the art. Looks like be might get some answers about that Gambit/Death thing finally too.

  9. Mm it seems like Gambit and Angel both have Apocalypse alteregos. ROAD TRIP!

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