• Legion must keep his inner demons in check long enough to help newly-manifested mutant twins who are being exploited by a criminal cartel in Japan.

• But the twins may just have plans of their own.

• As do Legion’s inner demons…

Story by Simon Spurrier
Art by Tan Eng Huat & Craig Yeung
Colors by Jose Villarrubia
Letters by Cory Petit
Cover by Mike Del Mundo & Adrian Alphona

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. I have no interest in this book whatsoever but I do love that cover so much!

  2. Why does this book exist? WHO IS READING THIS?

    • Three answers to the first question:

      1. Because Legion is the son of Professor Xavier, so he has some very strong ties to the legacy of the X-Men and his father specifically.

      2. He’s a character with enormous power (and an interesting problem hindering that power) that has been largely used as nothing more than a plot device since he was introduced 25ish years ago — so there’s a huge opportunity for a quality creative team to tell interesting stories that develop him into a more three-dimensional character.

      3. He has cool hair.

      And one answer for the second:

      I’m reading this book, and if the pull count is to be believed, so are 138 other people on this site. Why aren’t you? It’s not completely blowing the doors off anything, but I think Spurrier is building something pretty interesting here. It also offers a tone that strangely reminds me of a Vertigo book more than an X-book, which is intriguing.

    • I agree with KenOchalek on all three of his points. I’ve really enjoyed X-Men Legacy for the past two issues, and I have to say that it’s dismaying seeing such negativity tossed at this book when it should be enjoyed for actually bringing something new to the table. Even if isn’t one of those “books that matter” in terms of the overall Marvel canon, I still find X-Men Legacy a much more interesting read than most of the books on my monthly pull list.

      Could you imagine if something really avant-garde like Prophet was published by Marvel? The Marvel Zombies would be like, “ZOMG!!! WHO READS THIS GARBAGE MAKES NO SENSE ARGH DEATH THREAT.”

    • This is the only X book on my pull list. It’s fresh, creative, and I’m expecting the creative team to stick around. Part of me feels like the people sleeping on this book are gonna be scrambling to get the back issues in a few months.

    • Why should it not be published or exist?

  3. I they had a different artist on this I would have stuck with it, the character is cool and Simon Spurrieris is a good write, but the art is just to messy for me.

  4. I know that Legion is Xavier’s son, but in 30+ years of reading X-Men comics, I’ve never seen a Legion story that appealed to me. He’s never struck me as a pivotal character in the X-Men world, despite the fact that he’s the son of Xavier. He just strikes me as an odd choice to build a series around.

    I’ll admit that I also have some shallow reasons for not jumping on the book: The art and cover design don’t appeal to me. The character design doesn’t appeal to me. His multiple personalities/multiple powers, and the way that they’ve been depicted in his past comic appearances don’t appeal to me. I just don’t find him to be an interesting character.

    The fact that this seems to be the opinion of the majority of X-Men fans is why this book’s existence puzzles me. You all have brought up some interesting points though, and I’m always open to checking out a comic if it’s well written and has a truly engaging story. Thank you for replying to my post; you’ve convinced me to at least give the book a try. 🙂

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