The X-Men are divided.

As the teammates part ways, Rogue, Magneto and Gambit attend to unfinished business, hoping to avoid answering the question: Whose side are they on?

Story by Mike Carey
Art by Khoi Pham
Cover by Clay Mann, Nicjk Bradshaw, & David Yardin

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  1. I’ve been trying all the Regenesis titles but not sure about this. What’s the premise of X-Men Legacy is it a seperate team somewhere else in the world or something?

  2. For those wondering, this title is more or less Mike Carey writing his pet X-characters (Rogue, Gambit, Magneto, Frenzy, etc…) It hasn’t REALLY had a strong focus when the series became Rogue-centric, but regardless, the writing was always very strong. People may bellyache for the weak focus of the book, but I like that Carey has an outlet for these characters that he loves to write. It really adds to their characterization…especially since prior to him, there really wasn’t too many strong or definitive Rogue and Gambit runs.

  3. its a lite week for me, so i might give this a try because i really want to like at least 1 x-book. i dont like uncanny or wtxm, so im not very hopeful. however, i loved schism and it seems interesting the premise of an x-book(at least partially) focused on the mutants who are undecided or indifferent as to ‘who’s side’ they’re on. i definitely thought magneto was on scott’s side because of his new found militant mentality

  4. It’s worth noting that even though this carries the Regenesis trade dress, I suspect this is not a great jumping on point.

    This is the penultimate issue of Mike Carey’s lengthy run on the book before Christos Gage and David Baldeon) take over with #260.1 in January (no bitching about the point one, please, it’s just another comic book).

    It sounds like the mission statement going forward is to focus on the adult X-Men in Westchester that aren’t Logan, Kitty, Iceman or Beast. Namely, Rogue, Gambit, Cannonball, Husk, Rachel Grey and Frenzy.

    Now I’m not saying anyone should avoid this issue, but it might not be the best choice if you’re looking for a fresh start on an X-title.

  5. What exactly is going on with Magneto’s left hand fingers on this cover?

  6. I’m not sure who the last page reveal is, but that lack of knowledge did nothing to keep me from really enjoying this issue. Not a lot of action, but it was great to see the X-Men work through the problem in some fun ways.

    I’m a long time X-fan, so I won’t go so far as to say it’s a good jumping on point, but if you’re familiar with the characters and just want a good X-men story (part 1 of 2 at least) it’s worth it.

  7. Carey has been really good on this book. It hasn’t been the best X book but it’s always a solid read with a lot of character development.

    Does anybody know what Carey is doing next?

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