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Rogue has stumbled upon the secret hidden deep within the bowels of Fortress X. And now she’s public enemy number one. A fugitive amongst her own kind, Rogue goes on the run…but when your entire world is surrounded by an unbreakable forcefield wall, there’s not far to go. Especially when a team of mutantkind’s most ruthless killers is hot on your trail!

STORY BY Mike Carey
ART BY Clay Mann
COVER BY Leinil Francis Yu

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  1. I’m digging this

  2. Is that supposed to be Dani with the bow? Sheesh, colorist!

  3. who is Dani? 

  4. @edward Danielle Moonstar

    Makes sense as she’s seen in the previews tracking Rogue… but I don’t know why she looks like that…

    Really excited for this. Loved the last 2 issues and can’t wait to see what they’ve done with some of the characters, like Dust.  

  5. anyone know if there’s a comprehensive “who’s who?” of Age of X, while i love this series, i haven’t followed the x-men that much and kinda get lost trying to identify the characters

  6. I’m not sure there is anything like that yet. Everyone’s in the same boat. Nobody can pinpoint hardly anyone other than the leading mainstays. Hopefully they’ll clear some of this up soon, but i’m still having fun with this.

  7. On the cover it does look like Dani’s hair was colored blonde, but I think it’s supposed to be a reflection off of Amara.

  8. thanks sakuuya

    once i read this i going to ask a lot more questions because i don’t know half of these characters

  9. This first post has a lot of information on identifying the random characters


  10. This was my favorite installment so far. Just adding a bit more depth to Logan with his little healing factor tests, Gambit with his adorable need to help rogue (no matter the dimension), Basalisk’s surprising ability to fill that rebellious void where wolverine is not, and Magneto with his sweet spartan looking helmet. Even though i liked this issue a lot. I’m still confused.
    Were there pictures to begin with and rogue deleted them after she saw them?
    Why did she go against Magneto in the first place?
    WTF was you know who doing locked away!?

  11. Never been a huge Rogue & Gambit fan, but damn if this didn’t hook me in.  Especially that meeting at the end.  I’m hoping somehow the Rogue of the 616 ends up with the memories of Legacy from this timeline.  Is that a fanboy daydream?  The book is called X-Men Legacy.

  12. i think i am starting to understand the story now. It’s not about exterinal forces beating down on the x-men. it’s about the interinal politics of the x-men and them turning on each other in this tight enclosed space. it’s a pretty smart idea

  13. I believe the external forces that created this alternate reality could be the Shadowking or Proteus. We are half way through this story arc and there are so many things that need to be explained.

    What is our reality Young X-Man Blindfold doing in this alternate timeline?

  14. The stars appear to be missing. I think that will be telling.

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