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‘Fables of the Reconstruction,’ conclusion!

When the X-Men used an engineered virus to defeat Bastion’s army of mutant-exterminating Sentinels, they didn’t realize it would also compromise one of their own: Karima Shapandar, a.k.a. Omega Sentinel. With her reactivated Sentinel programming taking over, the X-Men find themselves in dire straits…and one X-Man may just cross the line in order to stop her!

Written by Zeb Wells
Art by Leonard Kirk
Cover by David Wilkins

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Avg Rating: 3.5
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  1. Leonard Kirk, huh? Should greatly compliment one of the best X-writers out there.

  2. Nice!  I liked the story last issue but the art just killed me.  I wonder if something will happen at the end of this one to propell us into the crossover, I hope so

  3. Hmmm very careless of the X-Men for allowing a Sentinel into their ranks without having maintenance checkups. Zeb is doing a great job, but the art here is lacking. Wish Clay Mann stayed on this title.

  4. I dare say those credits are for New Mutants, not X-Men Legacy. Mike Carey writes Legacy, you can see it right on the cover. The artist is Davidson. The upcoming crossover seems to have confused some Marvel promotional people.
    I liked last issue, but the art was only so-so. Mike clearly likes the Karima Shapandar character (Omega Sentinel), but I always felt like she was dropped on us out of nowhere and never really properly explained. Wikipedia tells me she first appeared in X-Men Unlimited #27, a Chris Clarmont (circa 2000) creation, which might explain the problem.

  5. You mean Chris Claremont.  I remember Bachalo drawing her, liked Clay Mann on this too, not the hugest Kirk fan, but will check this out.

  6. @JimBilly4  Fuck, so it is going to be the artist from last issue.  I’m not picking this up

  7. I almost missed this.

  8. So…all the cast members of this were replaced by clones of the Vulture in between issues then?

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