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Rogue has survived a lot in her day, but can she survive the men warring for her heart? It’s not the first time several men have courted the Southern Belle, but it is the first time she can actually do anything about it. Who will she chose? You’ll be shocked!

WRITER: Mike Carey
PENCILS: Yanick Paquette
LETTERED BY: Rich Ginter
COVER BY: Clay Mann

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. This is the first post-Necrosha issue, correct?  If so, I’m (hesitantly) jumping on here.

  2. Take a shot.

  3. I actually hope that the team Rogue took to Muir Island stick together a bit. I liked that lineup.

  4. Mike Carey has been writting this forever.

  5. For the love of all that is holy, I hope Second Coming changes the title of this comic, which is quite bad. Carey writes a good Rogue, but I would be happy with a change for this title, which has been more or less wandering aimlessly around the X-verse for a while. I hope Clay Mann returns, as I was really enjoying his stuff by the end of the last arc.

  6. @Slockhart  The Necrosha storyline for this book wasnt "really" a Necrosha storyline. Instead Maneto fought Proteus…awesome.  You really should try it out.

    I want the title changed as well.  I think it makes it sound like a reprint.

  7. wouldn’t it be fun to have a regular penciller?

  8. Mike Carey is like that guy that sleeps on the couch in your apartment. Sure he pays his rent and doesn’t eat your food bit dammit it’d be nice use that couch for something else after so long…I think this metaphor works, right?

  9. I kinda hope that she tells them all to take a hike.  (I guess it’s Magneto & Gambit?  Who else?)

  10. The shocking surprise is she picks Wade Wilson and this title morphs into Rogue & Deadpool. The scenes where she absorbs his mind and there are four separate arguing thought balloons will be hysterical.

  11. This was great, I had alot of fun reading this. This whole series is really setting the standard for great character moments with the X-Men characters, and this issue was the best example of this. Rogue was phenominal to read, as always, and Carey bounced the other characters off her really well. I wonder if the book will keep this identity after Second Coming.

  12. I thought it was a great issue.  My only gripe was the times given during the story.  Towards the end the felt off, like at the end, Rogue watches the sunstet at 22:51, or 10:51 pm. Took me out of the story.

  13. Yes, clearly Utopia has drifted into the Arctic Circle. WTH, Marvel editor? You could have just changed the time by 3 hours and been free and clear. Really enjoyed this one. Lots and lots of mini-Rogue and everyone else stories. Carey can keep writing Rogue all he wants, but he will really have to move the sotry along at some point…

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