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“Necrosha” Tie-In The most powerful villain the X-Men has ever faced is back. PROTEUS has returned and he is more powerful than ever! Now the X-Men must stop him where he died: Muir Island. Failure is not an option as this madman makes his move to block the X-Men from stopping Selene and her plans in Necrosha.

WRITER: Mike Carey
PENCILS: Clay Mann
LETTERED BY: VC - Cory Petit

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%
Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. Sweet fucking cover!!!!

  2. I half forgot this book existed.

  3. and when this book’s first issue holds the record for copies sold, that’s kinda saying something

  4. @ABirdseysView   I think it has a lot to do with the title "Legacy".  And though I have been buying it since the name change( and before, I have my fair share of X-men #1’s) I must say that just the name makes me feel like its a throw away book or a reprint like Tales of Asgard.

    That said I think the last cpouple of issues have been great! I didnt care for the Emplate story to much but you cant go wrong with Proteus.

  5. This is the ‘batman’ of ‘x-men’ books. It’s not telling the main story like ‘uncanny’ (which would be the ‘batman and robin’ in this analogy) but it’s a servicable side book (although the Tony Daniel ‘batman’ has been terrible but that doesn’t matter for the purpose of this analogy)

  6. This book has definately felt "back to normal" lately.  My favorite x-run in recent memory is Carey’s pre-Messiah Complex X-MEN issues, and its nice to see him working with somewhat of a team again.

  7. Good Rogue. Fun story. I always have a bit of trouble with omnipotent villains. I mean, it is nice to make the reader think there is no way out, but when the bad guy is god and then they trick it into saying Mtzlplk and win handily… doesn’t quite satisfy. Good so far though.

  8. I realy love Clay Mann’s art. Perfect X-Men story.

  9. not a bad finish to this story.  how many issues before another crossover?

  10. One issue before Second Coming.

  11. excellent

  12. The best issue of the Necrosha storyline, especially for that final scene with Rogue and Destiny.

  13. Okay…. so admittedly, this is the first X-men: Legacy book I’ve picked up since Xavier was tracking down rogue with Gambit a good long while ago…. but…. did I miss something? I could have sworn that Proteous(spelling?) from #616 was trapped in/ was the eXile version of Morph (from events WAY back in the House of M days)….. did he get free? did Morph die? wtf!? Morph was an Awesome character, wish he could have been brought into the main universe properly, especially with the horrible horrible fate of eXiles, what on this earth happened? is how he is here explained in the previous issues in this arc?

  14. @LukeB you jumped in on the tail end of the Necrosha arc.

  15. @LukeB – Bite your toungue before they hear you!  With the return of Cyclops and Jean’s clone’s son from the future, and a redhead with probable ties to the Phoenix force who has been aged 17 years in the future in less than 20 issues, the last thing the X-Men need are tie-ins to EXILE continuity!

  16. Pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this story arc. Except for the occasional awkward "ah," I really like the way Rogue’s being written here. Also, no Gambit this issue. Double score!

  17. Either Mann’s art grew on me or he improved as he went along. Best issue of Legacy I have read in a while.

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