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  1. I wish that the Emplate storyline had ended last issue, so that we could move on.  I thought this was going to become a "Rogue mentoring the next generation of mutants" book.  That sounds interesting, so let’s get on with it already. 

  2. Emplate should’ve been left in the 90’s

  3. @zattaric- well they might be getting to all that after the Necrosha tie-ins.

  4. @ Abirdseysview   Aargh!!  I forgot that Legacy was tie-ing into that. 

  5. in all fairness, there will most likely be little moments of her mentoring the kids.  there will at least be the implication that Bling or Trance have learned something from all of this.

  6. This book is so middle of the road. It’s bland. Carey needs to leave this book soon.

  7. @mikeandzod21  I think agree…this bk is middle of the road.  I just have a hard time dropping it, since I have the complete run.  I know that’s a stupid reason, but it’s one of the major reasons why.

  8. @zattaric same for me man

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