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  1. I haven’t enjoyed this series at all, but considering Carey’s pre-Legacy issues, I’m sticking with it.

  2. @cutty I thought you were die-hard all the way with x-titles.  I feel the same as you do though.  The necrosha story line is definitely growing on me.  The recent x-force, I feel, broke away from any BN similarities to me.

  3. I’m actually pretty down on the current x-titles outside of X-Force.  Definately not what they were pre-Messiah Complex


  4. This book either needs to end or get a new creative team, because it’s just…bland. With terrible art.

  5. @mikeandzod – I think they’re going to drop the "Legacy" and let Mike Carey get back to doing a teambook.  He’s got such a great understanding of the characters, he tried to do something "new" and interesting, and unfortunately wasn’t that successful.

    He’s a good X-Men writer, his pre-Legacy run on this book was one of the strongest runs of the past 5 years

  6. I agree they should drop the “Legacy” and go back to a team book. I buy this book due to the fact I have every issue from the start in 1991, starting to rethink that.

  7. The art has to change. Otherwise, even if the writing got better, I don’t think I could keep reading it with the current artist. It’s awful.

  8. I enjoyed this more than I though I would.

  9. I actually like the art alright.

    Also surprisingly, I found myself wanting more Gambit. His problem was the most interesting part of the issue. Most of this issue seemed like it was filler ("How many hoops shall we have Rogue jump through before she hurts Emplate?"). Still, it was…decent, barely. I’m still resigned to waiting for this series to get a new status quo before deciding whether to drop it or not. I wish this Emplate arc was shorter…

  10. I wanted to like it, but had to go 1/5.  Hopefully this Emplate arc is over soon

  11. I like the art but I have no idea what is happening in this story.

  12. I’m ready for Rogue to lead a team.  What do we have one more issue of Emplate?  I hope 

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