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  1. thinking of picking this up, how is this book for a casual x fan?

  2. @petropeterson: Eh, this issue is actually a part two of four. Part one was in the Annual from a few weeks ago. So, this wouldn’t be the ideal place to start. In general, though, if you were a fan of the X-Men in the ’80s and ’90s, then Legacy will appeal to you in that it references continuity. And, personally, I’m a great believer in just jumping in and buying whatever book you want that’s on the stands now, if the title appeals to you. If you want to, going back and getting the still-on-the-shelves Annual would be a better bet. The series kinda revamped itself a bit starting with the Annual.

    About Legacy, I have to say that personally I’m thinking of dropping this title soon. Even though I’ve liked it more than Uncanny overall, Uncanny at least excites me and riles me up even when I DISLIKE what Fraction does. When Legacy isn’t on its game, however, it’s just uninteresting and boring. Hopefully the series’ slightly new direction will bring out the best in Carey. I loved the first year or so of the Legacy rebranding. Since then, it’s been hit and miss.

  3. Thanks for the info

  4. Carey’s run was so so good before the Legacy title got slapped on.  I wish he could just go back to writing an X-Men team book

  5. ^Yeah, I usually think of Legacy in its own right, but I agree. Carey’s first arc on adjectiveness X-Men (collected in "Supernovas") was awesome. Bachalo did some amazing art for that too.

  6. I’m not sure what to think of this title these days.  I really liked the first few issues of the Xavier arc, but its been fairly flat for awhile now.  That being said, I’m willing to give it a chance with this new direction.  The Daniel Acuna art was great (minus his Wolverine) in the annual, and I’m interested to see what he can do for the full arc.  Anyone know how long he is supposed to stay on?

  7. @flapjaxx  – yeah, I think that was the strongest work of Bachalo’s career.  Loved his Sabretooth

  8. I’m still sticking with it for now, the annual was enough to hold my interest – all that creepy Emplate/lighthouse stuff.  But if this doesn’t hold up for long then the title may see itself dropped.

  9. I’m too hard headed to quit collecting the X-titles at this point because every time I drop them they mysteriously get better.

  10. Pretty cool cover this week.

  11. This title is dropped after this issue. Time to start making hard choices.


  12. I was out of comics when Emplate first appeared, so I wikipedia’d him to get some backstory.  Jesus, was that a mistake…

  13. I’m hopeful for the aspect of this book that involves Rogue working with the young team — that’s what Legacy should have been from the start, really, instead of that endless Xavier story (that was completely ignored when Xavier showed up in Uncanny).  Whether the Rogue + young Xmen stuff outweighs the not-so-great parts (Gambit. . .) remains to be seen and I’m almost certainly going to drop it during the XForce crossover.  I can’t take anymore XForce.

  14. @ohcaroline: I love how in just one issue of Uncanny, all the characterization involving Xavier in that long arc was undone. And by loved, I of course mean irritated the fuck out of me.


    I think Acuna’s art really helps compliment Emplate and his weird other-dimension aspects. Gives everything a nice European/Heavy Metal look to it. As for the writing, we already know Carey can write the hell out of Rogue, and I miss books that focus on the younger mutants, so this is a home run for me.

  15. I have no idea who most of these characters are and that I’m insanely picky in how I want to see Rogue written. That said, this was amazing, and I really enjoyed it. Finally out of the reflection and into the moving forward. I’m loving it like I didn’t love the last arc. I’m just not looking forward to the star of the "Next Issue" teaser. Not a fan.

  16. Solid issue, like the direction this book is going in as a fan of Rogue.

  17. I hope Carey starts focusing on the A-Listers a little more.  His pre-Legacy run was so good, because he had such a great understanding of the core 6 or 7 team members he was using.

    With this book and Uncanny using a HUGE case of characters, doesn’t it seem like nobody gets any characterization other than Scott?  What made Claremont’s run so legendary was the relationships that were formed on page between team members.  I think they need to cut the fat; I just don’t give a fuck about Bling and Onyx.  Less Dr. Nemesis and Madison Jeffries, more Colossus and Psylocke!

  18. @cutty: I agree with basically everything you’ve said in all your posts. Bachalo’s X-Men art pretty much was the best of his career (though, as far as his older style went, I think his best was the first Death mini).

    I agree with everyone about how one issue of Uncanny undid everything Carey did with Xavier for the past year and a half. You have to wonder if Fraction even reads other X-books, the way some of his characterizations have gone. He may be a good writer, but I really don’t think he understands the X-Men.

    I thought this was a solid issue. I’ve been on the fence about this series for like ten months now, but this is the sort of issue that ensures I’ll be buying it at least until the first issue of the NEXT arc. By #230 I really, really hope Carey has gotten all his ducks in a row and cultivated a regular cast of characters and direction for this series. And I hope that means we’ll be seeing next to NOTHING of all the flippant, smarmy smart-ass Science Dweebs. They’re like a room full of Hank McCoy at his most pseudo-intellectual. NOT ENDLESSLY AMUSING, people. I give Fraction’s Uncanny a lot of crap, but I actually kinda LIKE seeing those characters every now and then…in their own book, where the mood suits them. Keep the egotistical, supposedly "brilliant" scientists…each with near-identical personalities of typical conceited hipsters…out of Legacy, please.

  19. @flapjaxx – Ugggghhhh, I HATE the science team!  The worst part is that I doubt they will  accomplish anything of value, they’ll just spin their wheels and take up pages. 

    All the books are working up to a major crossover involving a 17 year old Hope, and she’s supposedly the solution to M-Day.  If someone’s gonna "save" mutantkind, it may as well be a Jean clone/reincarnation/relative/whatever instead of Dr. Nemesis. 

  20. Random thought – I really miss Sabretooth.  Stupid Jeph Loeb…

  21. Fuck Loeb and Fraction! 

  22. I like that is this the book for lesser known X-men characters and villains.

  23. While I agree that it’s annoying when the books don’t intersect, it’s not like there was anything revelatory about Carey’s Xavier arc.  Lots and lots of wheel-spinning that never resolved anything.

  24. I’m curious to see if the "Legacy" is going to be dropped now that its not a Xavier-centric book anymore.  I wouldn’t mind seeing X-Force dropped (now that Kyle and Yost are leaving), and having Carey back to doing a flagship team book

  25. @cutty  Kyle & Yost are leaving?  Has a new team been announced?  I seriously doubt XForce is going away, it sells very well.

  26. all this does is make me want to go re-read gen x. don’t judge. i loved it. i was also like….12… either way, i bet it is still awesome.

  27. Loved this issue. Creepy art and I like Empath and DOA but guess it just reminds me of Gen-X.  Wonder if we will ever see that book collected?

  28. Gen-X art by Bachalo was awesome, I will give you that. I bought a bunch (for cheap) on Ebay a couple of years ago and the weird, cool art regularly distracted from the half ass Monet story that seemed to never end.

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