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  1. Dustin Weaver did a great job last issue.  And Carey surprises me every month with unexpected quality.

  2. Issue #1 was ok.

  3. Previous issue was…okay. I liked the action but it almost felt like pointless filler. Hopefully they build on Rogue’s disagreement with Cyclops, though, and set up a new paradigm for what this title is supposed to be about.

  4. I’ve picked up these two issues in preparation for the revamp with Acuna coming onboard and I’m not impressed. This Dark X-Men event is pretty mediocre to me and these issues do feel like pointless filler. Hope the upcoming stuff is a lot better.

  5. I have to agree with @projectx2, the #226 and #227 were not impressive in any way and the art was definitely lacking in quality. By the way the cover art for #227, shouldn’t that have been the cover for #226?

  6. This is not the Rogue/Karla Sofen battle I was hoping for. Very disappointed. The Rogue/Aries throwdown shown on the cover also would have been fun. Alas, I didn’t get it. I don’t even remember what I read in this issue. It should have been a lot more fun.

  7. I like that Rogue is devloping a rivalary with the "Dark" Ms.Marvel.

  8. @ theegreatone i agree.  its an intresting concept, when you consider he relationship with the original Ms. marvel.

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