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  1. over 200 pulls and no comments??  I’m really enjoying this crossover.  I groaned when I first saw I was going to have to buy another  book, but this has proven to be a solid read.  Legacy continues to be my favorite X-book.

  2. Okay….where did this Miss Sinsiter come from?

  3. @DocHess: I’ve been thinking the same thing. I know I’m in the minority, but I feel this is the best X-book by quite a margin. I haven’t even read the rest of the crossover, but I’m still really enjoying this series. Carey and Eaton are a great creative team. You’d think that something that seemed contrived, a crossover about something as random as "Wolverine’s son" (whom I had never heard of before) and featuring a "Miss Sinister", would make for a totally typical bad x-comic. But it’s not. I basically drew the conclusion months ago (after Messiah Complex and then Whedon’s Astonishing wrapped) that I was going to get off the x-books. I had looked for every reason to drop as many of them as I could, but Legacy is the only one standing. It’s consistently good month in and month out.

  4. I’m so over this Wolverine crossover but luckily it’s over next issue. Anyway, I wasn’t thrilled by this issue and X-Men Legacy is on my Shit List of books that I’m going to drop unless there’s a dramatic improvement. 

    Yeah, I said it. 

  5. @nabus19 –  Miss Sinister is part of the new Marvel mandate to make all old villains in to females their by making them hip and relevant again. Plus people were complaining that their weren’t enough women running around in swimsuits.

  6. Awesome.  A naked, flying, eunuch Xavier.  Now I’m impotent for life.

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