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  1. This might be the first book I read Wednesday night.  This series has really picked up

  2. This is the only X-Book I look forward to right now…hopefully the stupid Uncanny suck train doesn’t seep into this book.

  3. This is the only X-Book I’m reading anymore. And yet at the moment this book is getting fewer pulls than Nova. There’s something wrong there. I’m sure Nova is good, but, I’m saying, this is X-MEN. And it’s GOOD. I’d be interested to know what Ron thinks of this title as compared to Uncanny. Personally I think adjectiveless has been way more interesting.

  4. I am loving Uncanny right now (minus the Land art) but I agree that Legacy has been fantastic. Mike Carey even made me not hate Gambit, now THATS good writing.

  5. Dear Marvel: Prof X was a bastard for a long time, I get it.  Can we move on to liking him again please?

  6. @Kimbo: thats the idea behind this book, but it’s gonna take time to get there.

  7. I’m glad some fellow fanboys like this book, but I find it completely tedious. Who at Marvel thought what’s basically a Prof X solo book would sell well? Whatever it’s supposed to be changing into can’t happen fast enough.

  8. This issue was tedious, but have you been reading the book all along? The Sinister/Shaw arc was awesome.

  9. I think the pace has slowed down as well in this book.  I am looking forward to it picking up steam again.  I liked this book, but enough with Prof X.

  10. I’m with Kimbo.  I really dug this book at first, but the emotional beats don’t seem to be changing at all.  It’s basically "The Essential Professor Xavier is a Jerk".  He needs to have some kind of realization that actually changes the emotional stakes in the book. 

    I did like this issue because I like Carey’s writing of Emma, and because I appreciated some revisiting and closure to "X-Men: Deadly Genesis."   But honestly, that’s something that happened years ago and I don’t think much of the audience is really clamoring for it. 

    Seriously, Mike Carey writes the core X-men team so well (see his Free Comic Book Day issue), that it’s kind of frustrating to see him pigeonholed in this title that isn’t going anywhere.  I doubt a ‘Wolverine: Origins’ crossover is going to change anything.

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