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Hope Summers could be the much-heralded “messiah” who will save mutantkind from extinction…or she could just be some poor kid, caught in the wrong place at the wrong time(s). Either way, since her infancy she’s been raised by mutant soldier Cable in a hostile, dying future Earth — and she’s had to learn some hard lessons along the way. Now, Duane Swierczynski and Steve Dillon bring you four thrilling, untold tales from Hope’s future past as she grapples with vicious snipers, robot wolf packs, mutant rats, and even Cable himself. This is the place to start if you want to know what the X-Men’s future “messiah” is made of.

Reprinting the four backup stories from Psylocke #1, Dark X-Men #1, X-Men: Legacy #230 and X-Force #22.

WRITER: Duane Swierczynski
PENCILS: Steve Dillon
COVER BY: Steve Dillon

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 30.4%


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Avg Rating: 2.8
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  1. Why hello, Mr. Dillon

  2. Glad they collected these stories because I didn’t want to buy Psylocke.

  3. I’m glad i checked this solicit or I would have blindly bought it like all X titles. 

    @mikeandzod21 Hey! I liked Psylocke!  😉

  4. In the case of something like this what is the correct iFanboy rule of etiquette?  Do I keep it on my pull list becasue technically I already bought it or delete for the sake of correct pull totals. I know it anal but Im just wondering…

  5. This better not be like CABLE or I’m quitting HOPE for good. XD.

  6. @AlanRob: You already bought it… but you’re not going to buy it?

  7. I think AlanRob means he bought Psylocke #1, Dark X-Men #1, X-Men: Legacy #230 and X-Force #22, so he has this story already. I think if you are not buying this issue, don’t "pull" it. You can, of course, feel free to comment on it, especially after it comes out on Wednesday. Actually that is a better question, if I say what happens in this in this thread, am I SPOILING it? Fortunately, this issue is not very spoilable (it is about the characters not what they do exactly) so the point is moot here.

  8. Pulling this because you bought the issues with it in the back would be like pulling a trade because you have the issues collected in it.  Therefore, I say don’t pull.

  9. @JimBilly4  That is indeed what I was pondering.   Not that it is very important (or at all).  🙂

  10. LOL! I totally didn’t see the note about it being a reprint. *Unpulled* No thank you….

  11. So it’s just the back up stories? Been there done that. Won’t need to pick this up. Bonus.

  12. I liked this.  Some of my favorite comics are the one shots that are nothing but character moments (Black Lantern Green Arrow for instance). Gave it 4 stars, but I’m pretty sure I was in a really good mood when I read it, cause it did go pretty fast.

  13. @AlanRob: Wish I had known as well. I bought this not realizing it was the back up stories in other X-books. On the upside I only had read about half of them in some of the other books.

  14. I too bought this without paying attention. So I already owned everything in here. But shit happens.

  15. What a waste of $3.99! Happy I pulled this through dcbs. The art was awful, and the story just didn’t do anything for me.

  16. It was $2.99 cover price and $1.49 if you bought it through DCBS. Nice character moments between Cable and Hope, not anything else to it. I like Dillon fine, although I am not sure if he is best suited to sci-fi/mutants. He excels at crime and the underbelly of society stuff.

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