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flapjaxx10/01/09NoRead Review


  1. sorry team done with the series, wont be picking this one up

  2. The last two issues have been a bit of a letdown, mostly due to the art. Here’s hoping it starts getting better again.

  3. I hate Rogue’s new costume.  When most characters are losing their "pointy shoulders" she gains them. 

  4. I’m still loving this book.  In a world where I have about 12 X-Men books a month, this one is simple and scaled back.  I started reading comic books a year ago, and I can’t really get into any X book because all the characters I loved as a kid are split-up into various books.

  5. I think that this issue was my last.  The art is not helping my decision.

  6. Ya I’m good this is the X team I want but its not the writing I want.  I guess I’ll have to wait a while longer for an X book I can truly enjoy.

  7. it’s been lacking the sheer and utter insanity of the first few issues

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