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  1. I’ve gotta say, two issues in and I’m really enjoying this. I’m in for the long haul as long as it stays like this. Good but not spectacular art, simple stories that feel like the 90’s X-men. Very enjoyable.

  2. Yeah, I’m enjoying this too and love that it’s bi-weekly. I’m really interested in seeing what Claremont’s doing with Wolverine here. I can more than live with every outmoded ’90s "Claremontism" in the dialogue or whatever, because things like that seem fun in a quaint sort of way.

  3. I think Claremont has found his place.  Writing stories set in a time when his writing was seen as cliche and dated.  Taking this for what it is, this series so far is enjoyable.  Sure, it has its problems as he seems to be moving plots forward much quicker than he did back then, but still, overall enjoyable.  The next few issues will really be telling as obviously this is kind of the "set-up" arc and we’ll see what his team will really be like by the end of this arc.

  4. this is the make or brake issue of this

  5. Okay, the Wolverine/Jean Grey love thing is really coming from nowhere.  I mean really.  I realize Claremont didn’t write X-Factor back in the 80’s when it was the original X-Men, but would it hurt to at least read through to show that Jean was as much in love with Scott as he was with her?  Sure, there’s always that Logan/Jean/Scott love triangle, but this makes it seem like Jean was basically two-timing Scott with Logan.  It just feels… wrong.  Besides that though, I’m interested in what his explanation of Storm is now.  She’s back to being a kid, but why did she go evil all of a sudden?  Lots of questions and I’m definitely enjoying the ride even though the 12 year old X-Men fan in me that read the last few years of Claremont’s run when they came out can’t help but feel that some of the character developments and plots are coming from nowhere.  I want to see stuff that links back to his run.  Why else is this being put out?  It’s so people like me can relive their Claremont glory days.  That’s why.  People who don’t read X-Men won’t pick this up.  This is for those who read his original run, whether as it happened or in back issues and trades after he left.

  6. Dunno. Haven’t read this since issue 1, but I remember there being more of a triangle circa 1991-92 than people on the Intarwebs seem to think there was(n’t).

  7. Turned out this is my POW. This story is so freakin’ weird, I can’t wait to see where it goes. Go Claremont!


  8. This wasn’t on my pull list but I might grab one next time I’m in the shop now, if I don’t see anything else that would dazzle me.

  9. If this is what Chris Claremont had planned all those years ago, I’m glad he left.

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