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flapjaxx11/29/09NoRead Review


  1. Wrong cover and solicitation for an issue of this series. Again. Your anti-mutant bias is showing, iFanboy.

  2. I was reading the lastest issue of Uncanny X-Men recently, and thought aloud, "Isn’t Woverine dead?".  It took me about 5 seconds to remember that X-Men Forever isn’t cannon.  I wonder if Marvel Editorial has explained that to Clarement.  Regardless, I am enjoying thsi series and will stick with it until the end.

  3. I’m starting to not care about this book. Not sure I want to keep picking it up.


  4. I grow a greater appreciation for this issue every time it comes out. I really like Grummett’s classic style too, and I’m not as much of an art guy.

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