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  1. This series is now on the fence for me. If the stories stay strange and weird… I’m jumping ship.

  2. With Grummet returning, the art should be better than it has been for some time.

  3. I’m interested in the upcoming Magik arc, but I think Claremont is getting ahead of himself in creating a ‘new secret history’ of the team.


    Am I supposed to understand if this is in continuity or not? Or is this like ‘What If X-Men Second Class’?

  4. ^It’s in its own continuity.

    This was technically the best issue of the series in quite a while. The art was a tremendous improvement. But…there wasn’t quite enough craziness for me to rate it more than a 3. Also, the characters heavily featured in this issue are not amount my favs.

  5. I have been avoiding this book for some time but became curious with issue #10 (the Paul Smith art got me.).  I have to say now with issue #11 I’m hooked.  It’s not GREAT but rather mildly addictive for a long time x-fan.

  6. I meant to drop this but it was already in my folder so I picked it up and this issue was a lot better than the last arc.  I guess I’ll keep it for the rest of the arc.

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