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X-MEN #9


The X-Men, with Spider-Man’s help, return to the depths of the Manhattan sewers to rescue the outcast teens that have fallen into the clutches of a mysterious menace. But Logan, Emma and crew are about to walk into
a trap that strikes to the very core of their DNA, and the surprise villain
pulling the strings is an all-too-familiar face! Can the X-Men save the
innocents when they might not even be able to save themselves?

Story by Victor Gischler
Art by Chris Bachalo, Tim Townsend, Wayne Faucher, Jaime Mendoza & Al Vey
Colors by Chris Bachalo
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover by Terry Dodson, Rachel Dodson, Chris Bachalo, Tim Townsend & John Tyler Christopher

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%
Avg Rating: 3.5
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    Seriously I cringe at my stack going, ugh, another X-men book? And I LOVE the X-men. Even a heroin dealer knows not to give a junkie all their smack at once. That’s a good way to permanently lose your customer base.

  2. Can’t wait for more Chris Bachalo Spidey art work!

  3. @jimbilly4
    I actually wish I could get this many x-books every week. If a junkie starts complaining to their dealer then the dealer will just cut them off, so be happy with what you’ve got.

  4. @Smutty Oh, that is just what the dealer wants you to believe. But the dealer needs your cash as much you need their product. Unless you pose an actual risk to their business, they will put up with all your bitchin and moanin as long as you come up with the long green. Don’t let them own you. The product already does, don’t add in the dealer.

    I’m sorry, were we talking about comic books?

  5. B-A-C-H-A-L-O  Yes, please. 

  6. A bit of a swerve last issue, with Lizard revealed as a mere pawn instead of the main baddie. Wonder who it really is? And will it involve Nate Grey? (PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE!)

  7. So who all got lizard-fied in last panel?  Did Spidey and Emma escape?

  8. This is my favorite X-Men title right now.  The story & art are great.  Let’s keep Bachalo around for a long time. 

  9. Great artwork!! The story lets be honest people has really lost me and bored me to the point of getting ready to drop this title..


  10. @Flash923 I think Gischler is off of it after next issue, so you might want to come back at #11. Or just hold your nose one more issue as the artwork is great.

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