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X-MEN #33

• The history of the Proto Mutants is revealed!

• Mr. Grey makes his move against the X-Men…and it’s not what any of them are expecting!

• Colossus makes a decision that could endanger the entire team.

• Storm’s field agents are kidnapped and a weapon of the X-Men’s making goes missing

Story by Brian Wood
Art by David Lopez, Alvaro Lopez
Colors by Rachelle Rosenberg
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover by Jorge Molina

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. This is my favorite X-title right now.

    • I agree completely. Brian Wood has made this book awesome. He really has a knack for bringing out the best in his X-titles. I gave his first two issues of Ultimate X-Men a shot and they really impressed me as well.

    • You know, I used to collect this one, dropped it because I lost interest. I am thinking about getting this, if the story is as good as the art, will be a monthly.

      Anyone know what the first issue of this arc is? 30?

    • Yep. Issue #30 is when Brian Wood took over and the start of this arc. It wasn’t the hugest more important storyline ever but I think it succeeds at establishing the tone and also reinvigorating Storm as a charecter and in this issue he starts to do the same for Colossus. The story is Pre-AvX, I wonder when the ramifications of that story line bleed over into this title?

    • I agree with you guys, this is a great book. It’s nice to have a book that is not tied into AvX. The cast is great, but I wouldn’t mind seeing another male character in the mix, maybe to balance it out a bit. I love all of these characters with the exception of Colossus. I like that he is a powerhouse, but maybe Iceman or Havok would have been cool. I look forward to seeing much more from Brain Wood.

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