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X-MEN #10

The X-Men and Spider-Man have made their way through the New York City sewers only to be overwhelmed by a legion of bloodthirsty reptilian monsters. Now they’ve been captured and turned into mindless creatures themselves with only Spider-Man and Emma Frost left unscathed. Can this unlikely pair work together long enough to restore the X-Men and defeat their mysterious opponent? Or will they too join the ranks of the Lizard X-Men?

Story by Victor Gischler
Art by Chris Bachalo, Paco Medina, Tim Townsend, Wayne Faucher, Jaime Mendoza, Al Vey & Juan Vlasco
Colors by Antonio Fabela & Jim Charalampidis
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover by Terry Dodson, Rachel Dodson, Chris Bachalo & John Tyler Christopher

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.5
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  1. That is a lot of artists. This might be a visual trainwreck, forcing this story out on time to keep the next hyped issues of ‘First to Last’ coming in on time.

  2. I was excited about this story at the beginning of the run but after the last issue I’m not so sure anymore…we’ll see how this ends

  3. I LOVE Bachalo, he has a really gritty art style which fits this story extremely well. I liked the vampire stuff with the start of this re-launch and I actually enjoy the lizard story so far also…seems like spidey is stretchin himself a little thin though huh? FF, Amazing, X-men appearance…don’t forget according to the Amazing Annual he’s not even on this earth right now….How does he do it??!!!??

  4. Magic…?

  5. A bad end to a bad story.  At least it’s over, maybe the next one will be better.

  6. Yeah, Dark Beast came back and then… ???

  7. Ugh. I really enjoyed the first issue of this arc, but it devolved (no pun intended) pretty quickly to the point where I was only buying it for the Bachalo art. Had I realized in the store that he wasn’t the only artist on this issue, I would have skipped it.

    I’m not typically one to yell “Gah! Decompression!” but I’m pretty sure this would have been better as a two parter.

  8. As Paul Bellini once said, thank God that’s finally over.

  9. Yeah, bit of a damp squib ending. Let’s hope the next arc ramps up the action.

  10. Gambit charges a lizard, throws it and it explodes. Since when can Gambit use his powers on organic objects?

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