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  1. This has been surprisingly good. The story and art have held up well and been the best X event for a while.

  2. this probably should’ve been in Uncanny

  3. I’m glad to have Magik back, but 2 observations. First, it was awfully convenient to have Mercury be ‘magic resistant’ or whatever. What does that even mean? Also, was it me or did Pixie not return from Limbo. If so, could be an interesting loose end to explore someday. She’s not my favorite by a longshot (pun intended), but it seems she’s developed a following and this could at least be something worth exploring.

  4. Um they left Pixie in hell and no one said anything about that or noticed she was gone when they came back, wow the X-Men are dicks? Besides that good story. Glad Illyana is back, hope she becomes sorcerer supreme.

  5. @crucio  No way!!  Illyana needs to stay in the new New Mutants title.  I don’t want to get her back just to have her go off into Avengers land or whatever.

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