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  1. So far this seems like the best story out of the x-universe since Messiah Complex

  2. Still aught to be part of the main series. Not a mini.

  3. @theswordisdrawn

     I think it would have been if they had kept New X-men around instead of converting it to the crappified Young X-men. It is only the natural progression of the storyline from that book and little reminders like this mini make me miss it. 

    I think I’ll go cry now

  4. Probably the best Wolverine berserker rage I’ve seen since Byrne. 

  5. @ Parker 

     I think you’re right.  This would have totally have made sense in Young X-Men…too bad.  My other idea is that they could have done this in X-Men Legacy.  Instead of doing all of these X-minis, they should just make X-Men Legacy an anthology series almost.  I’d prob.  like that better than what has been going on in that title. 

  6. The cover alone makes me want it.

  7. @Cutty:

    Couldn’t agree more. The art in this book has getting better and better with every issue. 

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