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  1. robert kirkman? sign me up

  2. deadpool!!! sign me up

  3. I thought Kirkman was done with Marvel.  inventory story?

  4. I’m surprised people are so pumped for Kirkman, his Ultimate X-Men stuff was awful.


  5. I didn’t know robert kirkman created any of these characters.  puzzling.

  6. A Deadpool back-up? Really? Meh. 🙁

  7. Always nice to see Jason Pearson doing interior art.

  8. @cutty: Yeah, Kirkman on Ultimate X-Men was probably my least favorite run of anything ever. It was like a clinic in how to get a book canceled and alienate fans. It was so awful I found it very entertaining. That said, it was an exception for Kirkman’s writing, so he’ll probably do way better with this. Either way, I’m only getting this for Magneto and Selene in the backup feature.

  9. I’ve found, that it takes a very particular writer to do well on X-Men.  Some of the greatest writers in comics have written the X-Men, and it has been terrible.  Often times, it’s been the lesser known writers that have done the best job.

  10. @vadamowens – very very true.  the problem is that marvel typically puts big-name writers on Uncanny that may not necessarily have their heart in it

  11. @cutty – well for me, kirkman  is the person who got me into comics… and everything ive read so far from him have been fantastic.

  12. Cool art and funny stories.

  13. Kirkman + Deadpool = Awesome!!!

  14. I had a great time with this, even Deadpool

  15. This was just plain fun fun fun

  16. First story was fun, although the end was pretty stupid. Deadpool story was awful, but aren’t they all?

  17. I hate that I paid $3.99 to only read the first half of the book. 🙁

  18. I am ashamed to say I found the Deadpool yarn actually quite funny although featuring the mutant Loa was a brain twister. She is super-obscure. I only remember her cheering up Elixir in a sexy way back in New X-men. Even after this comic I wasn’t sure what her powers were, had to wiki her. Strangely enough, she could apparently stop this Necrosha nonsense mostly on her own. I wonder if that will be brought up outside of this one-off Annual. 

    Liked the Wolverine story, although not sure why it was in an X-force annual. X-force just literally played cards and menaced a couple of times. And of course there is the minor issue that Wolfsbane has never really been with the team. A minor nitpick: Wished that one panel with super-killing Wolvie hadn’t been there. Not that I have a problem with super-killing Wolvie, but that it just undercut the shock of the violence of the final scene. It made him seem less "hardcore" to me.

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