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  1. Does an $4 X-men one shot come out everyweek?  I’d pick these up but my wallet can’t take it.

  2. I might pick this up for the Warpath story. Can’t find another reason to buy this.

  3. Jason aaron is a great reason to buy this!  He’s been spot on with his marvel work.

  4. Dude this is totally what x-force should be.  Loved the first story. 

  5. I wasn’t sure about this when I bought it. Then I remembered that it was X-Force and Jason Aaron was involved, and everything was right with the world. I thought Palo’s art in the first story was awesome. Who doesn’t like a nice stylized splatter-fest. Wolverine looked like one bada$$ MoFo. Huston did a pretty good job as well. Although, I thought some of his lines he had Logan saying were a little off. And I liked Aaron’s story. He was right at home there. Change the characters and this could have been a Scalped annual or one shot. I haven’t finished my books for this week yet, but this one is right up there.

  6. I’m not really following X-Force.  Does it look like we’re ever going to get an explanation for why Cyclops is just running around ordering various X-men to kill people?  That seems so grossly out of character that it’s really keeping me from wanting to read any of the subsidiary X-books, Jason Aaron or not.

  7. Solicitation: "There will be blood. Gallons of it. Because Cyclops needs only one scalpel for a surgical strike mission and Logan’s the ideal man for the job. Tonight, Wolverine flies solo-dressed in black and operating off the grid. And when the night is through, there will be mountains of corpses, and no one to answer to. What could be better?"

    I’m sorry but that description could not turn me off more.   


  8. totally, kimbo. dial-a-cliche in effect

  9. Yeah, seems a little excessive to me.  Is this the same Palo that did the Punisher one-shot this week too?  Cuz I like his art.

  10. I liked the second story better, but that’s not necessarily even saying much, considering how much I hated the first story.  "I can’t even spell innocent without I got a dictionary on hand to look it up"?  The writing all felt so forced, so self-consciously trying to evoke some idea the writer has of Wolverine that just doesn’t match with how anyone else is writing the character.  It was almost like the lines were borrowed from something else the writer had been proud of but had never gotten to use, like a spec script for some old west show.

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