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  1. I give in, I’m buying this for the cover.  I don’t even care if it has nothing to do with the contents.  Well, I’d like it to have to do with the contents, but I really just want that cover.

  2. I’m actually liking X-Force. I know some people have an issue with the darkness and killing, but I’m happy seeing a badass X-Team going for the jugular. Plus, it’s got Warren, the most beautiful man in all the world!

  3. i’m not sure about buying the issue. but i digg the cover. i don;t know much about mike choi though. is he a cover only artist?

  4. Choi and Oback do the interiors on this book as well.  They were on Uncanny for a while when Brubaker was the only writer.

  5. They came from Top Cow, and I believe started their work with Marvel on an X-23 miniseries, and did one issue of Mike Carey’ X-Men series before hopping on Uncanny post-Messiah Complex

  6. I’m all in for this series. It’s not perfect, but it’s loud and fun which is something most X-books simply haven’t had lately.  Rhane still doesn’t make sense in it, but I like the addition of Elixir to the regular cast.

  7. Have they bothered to explain why Cyclops is lying to Emma about the existence of this team?  That’s my real stumbling block in taking it seriously.

  8. @ohcaroline – i’m sure they’ve touched on it from time to time.  i think he said he doesn’t want her to "see that part of him".  yes its kind of cheesy, and very very pointless, but don’t let it hold you down.  in the end, story is what really matters, and these writers have proven that they get these characters, and can really spin it when they get going

    I’ve been pretty underwhelmed by X-Force lately after a great start, but I have all the faith in the world in Kyle and Yost

  9. @ohcaroline – she knows it exists.  She doesn’t know, and neitehr does anyone else, that they are pretty much for -killing- enemies.

  10. @Ohcaroline–I agree with you, it doesn’t make any sense. If anybody on the team would appreciate X-force, it’d be Emma.  But the secret doesn’t hurt the book in any way, it’s such a small part of the overall story direction.

  11. @cutty  It’s not only cheesy, it’s sexist and patronizing and shows that whoever called the shots with this book has NO IDEA who Emma Frost or Scott Summers is, it infects the other books, and it makes me furious.

    But I could totally give it a break if the Logan/Domino is as hot as it looks.  Because that’s the kind of fan I am.

  12. PS — This book would be 10,000 times more interesting if it was Logan & Emma with the sekrit kill squad behind Cyke’s back. 

  13. @ohcaroline – agreed, that would be a nice touch.  all in all though, cyclops using this team for certain missions does make sense; maybe its not true to the classic Cyclops moral code, but its a logical progression of how to use the X-Men

    I think this was definately the strongest issue of this new arc, looking forward to The Right! (and hopefully Cameron Hodge)

  14. Mike Choi nailed it with this one!


  15. perhaps this is their was of breaking emma and scott up.  there have been signs or tension between the two.  i hope so.  i dont like emma.  yes it is odd that scott doesn’t want to tell her about it.  but the book is still great.  i have started to consider this to be a, (dare i say it?) core x-book.  the x-books are starting to work togeather again, and that i like.

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