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  1. Finally the end of an arc that has gone nowhere.

  2. I really liked this arc.  Nothing really happened last issue, but other than that I thought it was great.  Matthew Risman and the Purifiers have definately turned into some of my favorite villains, it was cool to get inside their heads

  3. I f’ing love this cover.  Fanboy porn? yup.  But I’m fine with that.  I disagree that this arc has gone nowhere.  I would explain myself but i am sleep deprived and drunk on jameson…

  4. If the next arc isn’t any better, this book is gone.

  5. Next arc?!  I thought this was just a mini-series.  This does not need to be an ongoing–it’s just not good enough.

  6. @ SteveM This has to be a mini there is no way they will screw with  Brubaker and fractions run. They seem to like Angel.

  7. i’ve liked this book so far and will continue to buy it.

  8. I can’t speak rationally on this — I’m only and entirely buying it because I like Laura Kinney.  I can read this as long as I pretend it is AU, and has no real relation on the other x-books.  That said, I criticized this over in the comments to X-Men Legacy.

  9. I could hardly see the art because it is incredibly dark. Yuck. I am now officially "hating" on painted comics. I can’t stand it. When you see something so incredibly awesome like Gary Frank on Action or McNiven on Wolverine . . . This just looks like poop. And I can’t read it when it looks like poop. 

    I also am a "hater" on the idea of a group of X-Killers with Scott calling the shots. Just not good.  

  10. @ SteveM Next arc?!  I thought this was just a mini-series.  This does not need to be an ongoing–it’s just not good enough.

    I heard chris yost on uncanny x cast say they have this book planned out till 30.

  11. @sethteter – I’m in total agreement about the art man, but Mike Choi is on the next arc so that’s a definite improvement. 

     I also think that the whole X-Force theme is a logical next step.  Guys like Mathew Risman just shouldn’t be allowed to live anymore, not after killing dozens of the x-kids.  Cyclops putting together a black-ops type of unit to deal with this small grouping of villains makes sense to me.  And I have faith in Yost and Kyle’s grasp on the x-universe that this will be an interesting ongoing

  12. Now I no I’m behind and all, but this is the second book in my stack I read this week (Sept 10), and the first was Titans #4, at least I can no get back to spending my hard earned dollars on comics that I care about.  I couldn’t stand the entire narative all the way through this book, mostly because it was telling my exactly what was happening on the page.  This was like a X-Men for dummies book.  "Ok, so let’s tell a story through pictures and dialogue, but then, just in case people don’t get what we’re trying to say, let’s tell them what to think about what we’re creating." I mean really, are we all that stupid. I for one am done with this x title. good luck to all of you sticking with it.

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