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  1. This is hands-down the best x-book right now.  That last page was ridiculous

  2. i almost dropped this book, but im glad i didnt, this story gets better with every issue.

  3. agreed.  I was seriously thinking about dropping this book until this issue.  now i can’t wait to see what is going to happen.  one nitpick though: what happened to Elixir’s ‘black hand’ that harms people? 

  4. @DocHess – I was wondering about that myself.  I thought that Elixir was probably the most interesting character in Kyle and Yost’s New X-Men, especially towards the end of their run.  I’m very excited to see him back in their hands.  And I LOVED Laura’s dialogue throughout the issue

  5. I agree with all of you this is really taking off now. I am excited about the next issue.

  6. This got good finally.  Archangel–gotta love it.

  7. I’m with the rest of you. I think this was the first issue that I really *enjoyed*, can’t wait for the next one. And Laura’s dialogue was awesome.

  8. This book is really picking up – it definitely has a much more visceral feel to it than the other X-Books right now. I remember wondering if we really needed this book, or Young X-Men. I’m on board with this book now – still waiting for Young X-Men to wow me.

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