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  1. The Necrosha one-shot has me so geared up for this.  This story has been building for so long, I’m very excited to see where it goes

  2. maybe.  I’m prepared for disappointment.

  3. Why can’t choi be on this book all the time? I sometimes can’t even tell what the hell I’m looking at with crain.

  4. @mikeandzod – I agree, but Crain is perfect for this arc. 

  5. After all the event stuff and Blackest Night I really wanted to skip this, however, after reading the one-shot I want to read it now.  I hate crossover events that make you buy comic titles you don’t normally buy. That said, I plan on buying X-Force but not New Mutants.  I’m curious as to what artist you guys like more. Do you like Choi or Crain? At first I liked Crain, then I switched to Choi. Now I think I’d like Crain on covers with Choi on the interior work.

  6. crain seems to now put a lot less into his interiors than he used to. The messiah "war" story line was so indistinct at times as to be almost conceptual art instead of story telling. That said, his covers are awesome and I do have a lot of time for him.

  7. I enjoy Crain’s art but my only complaint is that people’s faces look too alike and if they’re not wearing a distinguishable costume, I get confused as to who is who.

  8. This seemed really short to me.

  9. I Hate the art, but i’m digging the story.

  10. @JesTr – I’m definitely a Mike Choi fan over Crain. If he can pencil an X-Title on a longer term basis and not have to share with another artist I would be a happy man.  Not to say I don’t like Crain’s work.  His style totally suits this current arc.  But If Choi were to be drawing this, I would get used to it pretty quick.  I’m hoping he’s the go to guy for the Second Coming arc coming up.  

     This was a pretty good start to the "mini-Blackest Night" storyline.  Interested to see where they are taking this.  The ending was awesome and (Spoiler Alert) pays huge homage to Grant Morrison’s E for Extinct storyline.  I loved it!

    -Vic De Zen

  11. This was alright. I don’t normally read this, but I think it’s pretty good at what it does. The writing was more than fine and the art was often perfectly suited to the story…except for the panels where I couldn’t tell who was who. But I don’t normally follow this series, so I wouldn’t expect myself to recognize every costume anyway.

  12. I agree with a lot of the criticism for Crain, but he draws some beautiful splash pages.  I love his Colossus

  13. Techno virus beats fucking ring!

  14. I LOVED the quotation of Morrison & Quietly’s Genosha destruction scenes.

  15. The art was terrible. Several times in the story I had no idea what giant mud puddle I was looking at. It took me a whole page to figure out it was wolverine. The story was good, but…oh God the art was just terrible.

  16. nice touch with the ending.

  17. This had horrible art.  Too dark to see a lot of what was going on.  They should take a cue from Blackest Night.  You can have a bright book and still make it dark overall.  I honestly had trouble getting into the story because of the art.  I just hope Elixir can bring everyone back to life and return some of the X characters I love to some of the books, or at least make it so they can move in and out of storylines as is necessary. 

  18. I’ve always dug Crain, but some of this was difficult to decipher.

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