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  1. The X-23 clones activate?  My head is going to explode.

  2. I love me some Mike Choi art! And I love how this is a continuation of the second X-23 mini with the same creative team, I really enjoyed that mini

  3. Yeah awesome mini and this look like a cool issue.

  4. When this series started I did not think that 23 would emerge as my favorite character.  I really do think that Kyle and Yost are on a pretty solid run.  And yes, Choi’s art is amazing.

  5. @ato220 – They really started doing some great characterizations on her during the last stretch of New X-Men.  I really wish they didn’t drop her crush on Hellion so quickly, it was pretty interesting

  6. when I first heard about X-23 that was hardest I’ve ever rolled my eyes.

    since reading this series she’s grown to be one of my favorites.

  7. @clintaa – this was a great issue for her, showed both sides.  4/5

  8. Did I pull this?  I think I accidentally clicked on what I thought was X-Factor.  Who the hell are all those girls with claws?  In my day, there was only one Lady Deathstrike, and the claws were talons.  Kids these days, bah humbug!

  9. Awesome.

  10. I liked this issue very much.  I only have one complaint though in regards to the current X-continuity?  When does this story take place? This story takes place right after Messiah War. So you would think that this was before Utopia. But the state X-23 was left in doesn’t make any sense since they are starting Necrosha right after which takes place on the X-Men’s Nation X island which they received during Utopia. And in Utopia X had both her arms fighting Daken…I’m just so confused… 

  11. @LuGalasso: Dont worry about that, dude. If you try and keep track of all the little continuity webs, your head will explode.

  12. X-23 as all of Wolverine powers and personnality, even the weird continuity.

  13. @LuGalasso – I’m assuming the arm just grows back

  14. This book should be subtitled "There Will Be Blood!" Loved it, wish Choi was able to do a monthly

  15. Yep. If X-23 should have had only one arm during the Utopia series if this were to make any sense… Unless Messiah War somehow fits between Utopia and Necrosha? I suspect that would cause much worse continuity issues, so let’s just assume X-23 wore a prosthetic arm during the big fights so that Osborn wouldn’t detect any weakness.

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