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  1. Is it just me or does the cover look like a lost issue of CYBERFORCE (particularly X-23 at the top??)

  2. Sometimes not buying a book can be really cathartic.

    It’s like every time I see that doorstop-sized edition of Morrison’s X-men, and say, "Wow, a large book I have no desire to own.  How often does that happen?"

    Yay for an X-series that doesn’t interest me in the least.  This totally makes me feel better about all the ones I’m buying.

  3. @ohcaroline – no love for Morrison’s X-Men? Por que?  What’s your preferred X-men? Not X-Force obviously….

  4. @ohcaroline – Ahmen it is because of morrison that I can not read X-Men without horrible flashbacks.  The first time this did not happen was with Ultimate X-Men recently when I picked it up on a whim.

    Chris Claremont FTW! 


  5. Wow, a lot of haters of Morrison’s X-men run lately.  Not that it was perfect, but to me it was the best the X-men have been in ages. He changed the entire mutant line of books without having to announce BIG CHANGES like Marvel does every other month. He did it organically.

  6. @josue — There is good stuff in Morrison’s run — I really love his Jean Grey (until he killed her) — but for me it gets lost in a sea of uninteresting "new" characters, and weird out-of-character behavior for established characters (Cyclops, Emma, Hank McCoy pretending to be gay, etc).  Anybody who could take an inherently awesome "Wolverine and Cyclops break into Weapon X" storyline and make it all about some French ninja he created is not the X-men writer for me.   

    My favorite X-men writers right now are Whedon and Carey, and I also dig x-men: First Class; in the past, I adore the Lee/Kirby originals, and the Claremont/Byrne/Cockrum era, and I’ve got a guilty-pleasure love for Louise Simonson’s X-Factor in its over-the-top soap-opera-ness.

    And back to the ostensible subject of this thread, I’m very entertained that Ron is still pulling this book, after ranting against it last time.  Somebody’s got to take them for the team, and if anything good actually happens, I hope he’ll let us know. 

  7. Yeah, proud to say I’m not pulling this, though I am looking forward to hearing Ron talk about how CyberForce-y it will undoubtedly be. 

    @ohcaroline: There are plenty of things not to like about Morrison’s run, but it’s a shame you let the bad outweigh the good, i.e. the hugely original new takes on past X-concepts. And while I think Hank pretending to be gay was goofy, that was sort of the point. Trish had dumped him, he had mutated further into a Beast, and–with the emphasis on treating these mutants as famous within our modern media–Hank thought he could reclaim some control over how others perceived him by pretending to be gay. Especially with that gay mutant fashion designer being murdered. I dunno, Morrison’s run is what got me back into comics and I’m always taken aback by other people not liking it for what I feel are trivial reasons sometimes due to misreading. When was the last time anything involving Weapon X was "inherently awesome", 1990? And that story was hardly "all about" Fantomex. No Fantomex, Angel, and Beak aren’t great characters, but they’re a heck of a lot more interesting and memorable than any of the vaguely defined villains of Carey’s first year, for example. You do realize that Whedon was inspired to do Astonishing because of the possibilities he saw in Morrison’s run? Oh and Morrison only happened to do what no other X-Men writer since Claremont was able to do: alter the dynamic of Jean and Scott’s relationship and introduce an instant-classic villain in Cassandra Nova.

  8. Scott/Emma is by far the best part of Morrison’s run.. I can take or leave the rest… there are good bits here and there but I don’t understand the sometimes fanatical following it has. Although I do sympathise with how badly Chuck Austen screwed up his stories after he left.. I wasn’t sad to see Decimation wipe out a lot of the stuff that I didnt like from Grant’s run.

     And while I didnt like the way Planet X ended.. Here Comes Tomorrow was one hell of an epilogue.


    Anyway, back to X-Force.. I’m probably the only person here that actually liked the first issue I guess.

  9. I’m trying to get more books under my belt currently I only have like 2-3 pulls a month.  So a friend suggested picking this up, thinking I’d like it.  So i’ll grab issue 1 also and i’m gonna give it a try.

  10. @Mrpopular-I recommend spending your money on something much better than this.  Read this in store and get something else, please I’m begging you.

  11. @flapjaxx — Having a different opinion and different tastes does not actually consitute "misreading."  I happen to think "Cyclops and Wolverine on a road trip" is inherently awesome; I think Scott and Jean had their most interesting dynamic way back in "X-Factor." You certainly don’t have to agree.  And if you want to explain something you actually think I’ve misread/misinterpreted, go for it, but from what I can tell you’re just saying we have different tastes.  Meanwhile, I’m very happy not to be tempted to invest in a doorstop-sized hardcover, which was my original point.

    Otherwise, can’t we all just get along and agree that X-Force sucks?


  12. Issue 1 wasn’t that bad…


    …although Clayton Crain makes everyone look kind of ridiculous. 

  13. the art in this issue was waaaaaaaaaaaay better then the first….but thats not saying much

  14. man.. I like Crain

  15. man.. I like Crain

  16. Umm.. I kinda liked it. Is that wrong? Probably. The characterizations are pretty off – particularly Cyclops (Skrull much?) – even with his new "I’m sick of this sh&t. Let’ s take ’em out" approach, he seems kinda off – but the story’s moving along nicely (compared to, say, CABLE #1) and it was entertaining.

    Wolverine coming to grips with being a team leader and what that means could be interesting … assuming they even address it.  I think Warparth has always had great potential as a character – hope he gets to do something other than react to what everyone else is doing.

    IBottom Line: ‘ll stick with it for a few more issues.

  17. Bloodbath, but I enjoyed it. It felt like a scene out of a Taratino film when Wolvie heated up one of this claws to torture a purifier. I think that was the most red in comic I have ever seen.

  18. Actually not that bad. Although I think I’m reading this purely for Bastion, right now. My major complaint would be that surely the big reveal at the end could have waited until the second arc. It feels like something that big should have been saved for later.

    And call me fickle, but didn’t Rhane Sinclair resolve all of her issues with Rev Craig back in Excalibur? Discovering he was her father and all? Mind you Kitty Pryde resolved all her feelings for Colossus as having been nothing more than childhood infatuation in Excalibur, as well. Like that lasted…

  19. well it is not the best book out but i still enjoyed it.  also i would like to say that i know why wolverien is everywhere,  some of them are scrulls.  i dont know which ones but he is currently in 5 difrent comic books and does like one guest apperance every month so some of them have to be scrulls.

  20. I thought it was decent. Different strokes I guess. I will at least pick up another issue or two and see how it goes.


    I am not sure about Bastion though. The last time he made an apearance, it took a whole big crossover event to bring him down; now he shows up in one book? 

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