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  1. I’m not sure if iFanboy uses some sort of database-sync to get covers and issue info…but the cover and solicit shown on this page are from X-Force #1. Not sure why this happens. I think it happened for X-Force a few issues ago, too. And I think iFanboy showed an issue of X-Men Forever with the wrong cover. I blame this squarely on anti-mutant bias. And if it’s simply a computer database error, then that just proves that computers can be prejudiced too.

  2. I agree. Too many errors where the mutants are concerned! Its a conspiracy!

  3. Yeah, this seems to happen a lot with this title– it always freaks me out for a second to see the solicitation for Angels & Demons Part 1 again.

  4. I liked the cover with all of the blood

  5. I liked the variant with the rainbows, puppies, and unicorns, and whatever else silly stuff that they put on.

  6. Oh this is the continuation of X-23’s disarming situation…….LITERALLY! MUAHAHAHA!

  7. God this was awful.  This book is so fucking inconsistent.

    Domino pointing a gun at a teenage kid took me right out of it

  8. I’m enjoying this book. More of a guilty pleasure than greatest book ever for me at least. I really don’t know what’s going on with anything, but the art looks good.

  9. @cutty is this some sort of protest against teen violence?  why did that particular scene ‘take you out of it’?

  10. I am enjoying it more then I originally was.

  11. @vadamowens – its just out of character.  Wolverine’s really gonna sit by and let a gun be point at a kid?

    I know this is supposed to be the badass team, but come on.  They’re still X-Men

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