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  1. Help! my X-book is in a time loop!

  2. Wasn’t this issue 1? Maybe we came back to the wrong time when we time-travelled in the last issue?

  3. WTF? Well, maybe it’s just an iFanboy screw-up? I know they posted the wrong cover for X-Men Forever last time. It’s BIAS, I tell you! Anti-mutant bias–even today, in 2009, this is still going on!

  4. I hope this is better than messiah war, sigh.

  5. Mike Choi on art, and I do like some Mike Choi.

  6. Here we are:

    "NOT FORGOTTEN" Part 1 (of 4) MESSIAH WAR AFTERMATH! When X-Force was pulled into the future, what was forgotten in the present? The Leper Queen’s murderous acts? The Sapien League’s attack on the United Nations using two of the X-Men’s students? Wolfsbane’s reunion with the Asgardian Wolf Prince? H.A.M.M.E.R.’s hunt for X-23? After three months, the wait is over. Find out who lives and dies as the MESSIAH WAR ONE-SHOT art team of Mike Choi and Sonia Oback returns to X-FORCE! 

  7. This is a very light week for me and I’m looking to try something new. Good jumping on point? anything I need to know first? any help will be appreciated.

  8. @crazychris "The curtain opens on a group of chorus line dreamers in 1970s leotards. 5-6-7-8…"

  9. @crazychris. You could jump on here but it might be confusing as this picks up right before the team was thrown into the future for the Messiah war (which wasn’t so much a war as a scuffle).

     Its a great book and worth putting on your pull list but IM not sure if now is the time. Give it a look in the shop and decide is my best advice.

  10. thanks for the advice fella’s, I think I’ll hold off since I realy don’t know jack about the whole messiah war storyline. Maybe down the road.

  11. @crazychris Sorry, I couldn’t resist the opening for that joke. Anyway, I would honestly say if you’re interested in the book hope on now. And if you run into any problems, just ask questions here. Someone will help you out.

  12. @crazychris I can catch you up. X-Force went to the future. They did stuff. They came back.

    It would probably be more helpful to read the two pre-MEssiah War issues as that is where this story kind of picks up from.

  13. Much as though I actually enjoyed the crossover a lot it did really stop the book dead in its tracks with an ongoing plot or two. I’ll be looking forward to hopefully getting back to that.

  14. Another solid issue.

  15. Solid indeed.  and oh yeah, these guys work on that cartoon too.

  16. I like Wolverine when he goes balls out and doesn’t give a damn who he slices up. Like, "Yeah, I’ll stab you’re throat, Archangel. What are you gonna to about it?"


  17. Definitely the "Rock n Roller" of all the x-books full of action. Best art and 2nd best story in the x-verse (there is X-Factor). Hope the current creative team stick together for a while

  18. Excellent! Much better, now that the pointless crossover is over.

  19. I enjoyed this issue especially the art. THe art is awesome! Too bad that crossover (which I still did enjoy) interrupted this storyarc and kinda took some of the wind outta the sails. Just some though.

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