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Invasionforce09/20/09NoRead Review
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  1. Loving the redefinition of Longshot’s powers. But the future stuff is killing me.

  2. @PraxJarvin: I’m loving the future stuff. Looking forward to when they all come together again though.

  3. @reg5000 Yeah, I know from previous comments that I’m one of the few not enjoying the future, but it’s really, really weighing it done. I’m also not digging the present story either, so right now I’m just hanging on until #200 where it’s all supposed to move on. Still, there are moments in each issue where I remember why I love this series, but I’d be lying if I said this book hasn’t flirted with being dropped from my pull list.

  4. @Prax Future stuff, like anything, can be written well. My main gripe with future stories is that no care or thought is usually given to the scripts cause "Its the future, and we can be as crazy as we want lololololol!". David is putting thought into his future story, IMO, and I dont think thats a problem with this arc

  5. Who’s the guy with the beard?

  6. This is one of those situations where I wish we could dole out half-stars. This has been the best issue to come out over the past couple months, but I still find it lacking. The future stuff seems more interesting on this go, whereas the present suffers a bit. (As well, no Longshot to be found this issue despite his featuring on the cover.) I gave this a 4/5 to indicate that I think the quality is up over the last two or three issues which I gave a 3 each, but I would really rank this as a 3.5.

  7. @PraxJarvin I think Peter David will wrap it all up in the end. He left alot of plot threads in the series that is being tied up now

  8. Great issue I think. Old Man Doom is awesome.

  9. I’m loving this arc.  Things slowed down for a while during the Secret Invasion stuff, but this is my favorite run of X-Factor since the first 12 issues.

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