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  1. The cover stymies me. If that’s Layla I’m appalled.

  2. She IS a grown woman now. Plus David set this up towards the beginning of the series when he showed Jamie and a much older Layla on their wedding night. I would agree if she was still a tween, but she’s obviously been in the future a while.

  3. Hrrm. I’ve been pretty vocal in my dislike of the shock ending brigade that started with #39. I’m still not happy about it, but this issue has been vastly superior. My one complaint? I don’t give a flying fuck about the future Layla is in. Those sequences bored me to death. I was glad this issue had a lot of non-Jamie/Layla stuff going on.

    Still, this was in contention for pick of the week. Also… did not see that shock ending coming. 

  4. I forgot to say… I’m getting really tired of David’s "Don’t discuss the books on the internet" crap in the recap page of every book. It’s now bordering on annoying. I love David a lot but… man if I don’t want to write a nasty-gram about it to him. 😉

  5. @PraxJarvin   Seriously, how long before people start going out of their way to ruin the book out of spite?


  6. even if she is an adult….she was a kid like a few months ago for jamie. i’m still a little weirded out about it but i still liked it.

  7. I liked it alot. I’m still uncomfortable with the idea of him making out with a girl he was basically taking care of as if she was a daughter or niece like a month ago.

    I really do think Layla Miller is my favorite marvel character. 

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