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  1. "…look back on the days when the team stood together."

    When were those days exactly? Did I miss those? Was that a Wizard no. 1/2 or something?

    Joking of course, I’m glad this book turned around, and Ruby Summers is a character that I’m dying to know more about.

  2. why do some mutants have the M scar over their eye?

  3. @Brandon2: It’s a brand from the future where mutants are subjugated by the government.

  4. I’ve read the one shot where Layla escapes and joins the rebellion, but if someone didn’t read that and read this issue, you think they’d get the same enjoyment?

     Also, this is a message for Pablo Raimondi…PLEASE COME BACK! WE MISS YOU!!!

  5. @ComicBOOKChris I read that one-shot and have no recollection of it, so I had the same experience as someone who didn’t read it. I enjoyed it for what it was.

    I will say this issue did nothing for me. It was neither good nor bad, a little above mediocre. My snarky reaction would be "Yawn!" I really haven’t been a fan of the series since the first of the "shock endings, don’t discuss the issues online" stuff. And I love PAD and X-Factor, so it’s killing me that this title is veering into territory that has nothing to really do with why I started reading the book. Alas, I’m willing to stick around for the wonderful writing of Monet and the interesting direction Longshot is being taken. But I have so little interest in the main cast at this time. 

    I wasn’t terribly happy with the visual quote to "The Killing Joke" toward the end of the issue, either. 

  6. Old, balding, robo-Cyclops on the last page made me laugh.  My favourite part about this book is that you can tell nearly everyone is really screwed up. It seems a little more real when they interact with each other.  I really have to brush up on my knowledge of Longshot because I’m not sure where he fits in. 

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