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  1. No way I’m getting this one. The last issue was brutal (including the art, which makes an already weak story practically incomprehensible).

  2. This book is not the same with out Layla.

  3. This book ain’t the same without a consistent artist.  I thought the She-Hulk part of the X-over was pretty good mainly because the art was atleat fun to look at. I’m just not a big Stroman fan, and his art has not improved since the earlier X-factor days.

  4. Yeah, yknow what: I’m not gonna buy this. I can’t handle the art again. It felt like an insult last time.

  5. Funny, I wasn’t going to read this due to being underwhelemed with the crossover stuff, but then I remembered that it’d be Larry Stroman art, so I pulled it. If nothing else, I’ll find the art interesting.

  6. Well Stroman’s art is still pretty bad.  She-Hulk is drawn very flatly and Monet looks like she’s disfigured.  He draws Darwin pretty well and if you look carefully… other characters almost look darwin like.  Glad this arc is over.

  7. The art was horrible in this. The story was pointless. I stopped reading the issue half way through because I just didn’t care. Why does this book have to be involved in the Invasion? And cross over with She-Hulk?

    If it’s the same artist next issue I’m done with this book. I have the entire run but I can’t look at this guy’s stuff.

  8. You’re all crazy.  Larry Stroman on X-Factor is like peanut butter with jelly.

  9. I wonder if Peter David gets stuck with the occasional horrible artist like this because he’s so good that Marvel knows we’ll keep buying anyway.  And it’s true, I’m not about to stop reading X-Factor, one of my favorite books, just because we’re stuck with a crappy artist, but gods, it pisses me off looking at this ridiculous crap.  The last two issues of this book have been so ugly it actually manages to distract me from the story.  Please put someone good on this book again!

  10. Agreed. Of course, I bought it, but I read the Layla Miller One-Shot immediately afterwards and thought, "this is what I love about X-Factor" and I wasn’t distracted by the art.

  11. Larry Stroman + Peter David + X-Factor = Comic Book Greatness

  12. Stroman’s art on this ish didn’t distract me as much as the previous one, I think he may be just getting back into the characters. Or I may have just gotten used to it. Its still not my cup o tea, but its not as distracting. The story wasn’t that bad either, I just wish XFactor wouldn’t have to get involved in every single Marvel event. SI isn’t touching any of the main X-Books, so why should XF have to get shoehorned into it?

  13. Yesterday I reread Books of Doom, and looking at Raimondi’s beyond gorgeous artwork made me want to weep over how much I miss his drawing this title.

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