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• The first of five issues that will CHANGE THE FACE OF X-FACTOR FOREVER.

• PART IV: Devastated by the recent tragedies befalling X-Factor, one member of the team makes a terrible sacrifice in hopes of making things right.

Story by Peter David
Art by Leonard Kirk
Cover by David Yardin

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. Oh god this arc has been great so far and im getting very worried about this series since we are so close to Marvel NOW! and I still don’t have any clue if this series will survive or not.

  2. I’m glade this book didn’t have to get dragged down with all this AvX mess.

  3. Avatar photo P2 (@maudblog) says:

    Marvel has announced that they will be leaving this title and Waid’s Daredevil alone. Don’t fix it if it’s not broken 🙂

  4. Woah, that cover is slick.

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