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It’s a battle royale in the streets of Vegas, as Madrox and Longshot discover that sometimes the only thing worse than a plan that doesn’t work…is a plan that works all too well. And when that plan is to try and get the attention of a death goddess, and that attention consists of her sending her undead warrior hordes against you, well…what’s happening in Vegas may well extend to staying there for eternity…


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  1. The best x-book by far.

  2. ditto.

  3. This along with Uncanny X-Force make me a happy fan.

  4. Is this is issue a good starting point for this series?  I’ve started expanding my X book selection

  5. @BatTousi Short answer. Every time is a good jumping on point.

    Long answer its well into an arc so not really but I think X-Factor has always been fairly easy to jump onto. Just be prepared to be a little confused by all the backstory that’s there. Peter David is good at recapping without it feeling like a recap. 

  6. Geezz. Can we get a set artist on this book? The artists on this book changes constantly. The artist for the first six issues rocked. Man when Marvel is going to put this book in a omnibus format? I would love to buy that immediately.

  7. X-Factor is cursed to always have mediocre or rookie artists. As soon as any X-factor artist shows a modicum of talent they tear him or her away to do a bigger book. It is a shame, because PAD is one of their best writers and I think his books would sell a lot better with some steady, awesome art. Alternatively Marvel could promote PAD to a bigger name book, but he seems to have demonstrated an inability (or unwillingness) to play nice with others and participate in all the crossover mega event stuff that you have to deal with in that case. Whether or not it is true, he seems to be pigeon-holed as someone who is best suited to play by himself with the toys the big kids throw away.

  8. The panel when Shatterstar was preparing to hit on SPOILER a certain blond guy with a hammer END SPOILER and Madrox intervened made me laugh hard.

  9. "X-Factor is cursed to always have mediocre or rookie artists. As soon as any X-factor artist shows a modicum of talent they tear him or her away to do a bigger book."

    That’s pretty dismissive.  De Landro was on the book for a good long time, he seemed to lose detail a bit recently but most of his work on the book been great.  Since he stopped being the regular artist there’s been 1 issue by a ‘visiting’ artist (#207) and then De Landro again alternating with Emanuela Lupacchino, who isn’t mediocre at all.  Her art is vivid and expressive and dynamic, and she draws each character distinctly, with humour and detail.  I hope she stays on, ‘rookie’ or not.  Plenty of ‘big name’ Marvel artists would be a terrible fit for X-Factor.

    Anyway, I thought this issue was terrific.  Loads of fighting and banter, and excellently drawn action scenes.

  10. This had really good art. I hope they keep this guy on for a while

  11. This was a really fun issue. Nothing like a good old zombie-god fight to bring on the fun. Also when did Layla get a force field? I guess she DID spend a couple years with Doom so it could be technology.

    Also it was great to see Madrox FINALLY fight. It seems like its been a long time. 

  12. @BatToosi: This is just my opinion of course, but if you want to jump onto X-Factor, I’d just go buy the TPBs for this run all the way back to issue #1 (Jan ’06). I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. This arc starts at #207, though, if you don’t want to go that far back.

    PAD is definitely on a roll with this book/issue. I LOVED the reveal at the end of the story and can’t wait to see #212! And I thought the artwork was really good in this issue actually. Sometimes noir needs to be a bit darker and moodier, yes? But this seemed to fit perfectly with where the story has been and seems to be heading. 

  13. I liked the art this issue as well. Thought she made Hela a bit to voluptuous. Don’t get me wrong, my personal tastes trend toward ladies with more curves, but Hela as Mistress of the Dead should probably more of the skeletally thin model-type. Maybe she has been living it up in Vegas for too long, enjoying those all you can eat buffets.

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