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Remember when we warned you about the shocking twist involving Madrox’s baby? Remember when the return of Shatterstar wound up making every comics-related website? Well, that was just a warm-up for the shocking end of this issue. X-Factor gets a new client, a tall green-garbed woman with a deadly secret, but that’s just a set-up for the jaw-dropping final page that’s going to reignite the Internet and have fandom going, “Did you BELIEVE what happened at the end of X-Factor #207?!”

WRITER: Peter David

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  1. I’m jumping back on after the Second Coming crossover. Hopefully David can have an uninterrupted run on his book for a change.

  2. @Reg: true that man, David always does better when he is not having to do a damn cross over with the rest of the X-books.

  3. That solicitation is just trying to hard. Someone should take it out for a drink or two and just have a good time. Let it know it has friends and doesn’t have to impress everyone just to be liked. The harder it pushes, the more likely it will be to just push people that already care about it away.

  4. On any other book, I would have though that this solicitation was lame. X-Factor, however, has all the reason to gloat. It’s always very well written and delivers its shocking moments when they promise them. I’m really looking forward to see what’s up here.

  5. @jimbilly I don’t know about all that.

  6. I love how lost people are going to be when they read this issue because they didn’t read the non-crossover crossover.  The only part of second coming that touched X-factor was the plan to eliminate all mutants and the fact that no one from X-factor was in SF for second coming should have been a clear sign that they were just acknowledging what was going on with the rest of the Marvel mutants and not a crossover.  Remember folks just because it has a banner doesn’t mean it really has anything do to with the issue.  Both companies are horrible about it see Brightest/Blackest Day/Night and Dark Reign.

  7. @DamonS23: You really don’t give readers alot of credit, do you? This is a perfectly penatrable issue.

  8. So…the end of this issue…


    It was indeed nicely surprising, but is it as shocking as the examples given in the solicit? I don’t think so, but that doesn’t mean that this issue wasn’t a highly enjoyable read. PAD didn’t but a DON’T TALK ABOUT THIS ON THE INTERNET disclaimer, so…Rahne’s back, and she walked in on Rictor’s and Shatterstar’s rodeo. A) I’m so happy that she’s back, since she was horribly underused and neglected in the X-Force book, whereas here, she truly flourishes as a character. B) That last page is priceless. Rahne’s confused and shocked face was so perfect. If there was ever a look to describe someone seeing first hand that…

     1) Their former boyfriend is sleeping with someone else.

    2) That someone else is a man.

    3) You didn’t even know this man was even alive.

    …then Sebastian Fimura perfectly nailed it. Let’s also not forget that Rahne is pretty religious, so that’s also a big factor in there. There’s so much punch in that last page in terms of story, I’m really glad this story is going in this direction.


  9. I got halfway through this and now I can’t find it anymore. I think I left it at work. But Hela as the dame with legs that won’t quit was great.

  10. @comicBOOKchris No not the people that stopped because a banner was at the top of the issue.  If they had read the 3 second coming issues they would have seen it just continued the story that was already going on in the book and had almost nothing to do with second coming at all other than trying to kill all mutants.  Sorry I just hate reading that complaint about any book when it really isn’t valid. 

  11. @DamonS23

    I don’t agree with that statement either, but only in this case. I don’t know if you know, but the last few times that this book was part of a crossover, it brought this book to a grinding halt and was responsible for killing any momentum. When it was apart of Secret Invasion, it not only told a contrived Skrull story, but also had some truly terrible art. And when it was apart of the Messiah Complex crossover, the book was changed mostly for the worse. So it’s completely understandable that people are wary when they see a banner ontop of this book, because usually when there is, it makes for an immensly negative story. Luckily this time around, PAD wrote a story that sort of tied in but not really, but that REALLY wasn’t the case for all of the other times.

  12. Yay! It’s good again! Really enjoyed this issue. A return to form. But could we not have put the reveal of Halja’s identity on the first cover for this story? I mean, come on! 5/5

    @Damon Except for the initial issues set during Decimaiton, the Tie-ins for this book have just be atrocious and have made me reconsider picking up the book – a series of which I own all 207 issues, mind. And while it may not have had anything to do with Second Coming (Hint: It had quite a bit of extraneous crap!) it certainly didn’t read like 200-202 or 207. It was an unnecessary derailment.

  13. @comicBOOKchris  Yeah, I understand why Rahne would be shocked, but looking at next issues cover, I’m confused.  She can’t still hold a flame for Rictor because she’s carrying the Wolf Prince’s baby, right?  Maybe it’s the religious stuff.  Well, either way I’m definitely on for next issue!

  14. @Prax But wouldn’t most people have questioned why Bastion was trying to kill all mutant and he didn’t come after X-factor? I guess the book being a mutant title makes it a no win when it comes to crossovers. I say fix it by turning X-factor into a Max title and you no longer need to worry about crossovers.

  15. @zattaric We’ll have to see, I’m sure it’ll be great. One of PAD’s writing strengths has been depicting relationships, so it’ll indeed be a great read. I was thinking that Rahne is going to take issue for religious reasons, but since she doesn’t believe in the whole pre-marital sex thing, it’s hard to tell what about her religion she strictly follows. I’m just that she’s around again.


    @Damon Again, you’re not giving readers ANY credit. Would you have seriously complained if Bastion didn’t make a shoehorned appearance in this? I highly doubt anyone would care. Did you hear anyone complaining that this book didn’t tightly tie into Dark Reign or Siege since that was going on as well? Didn’t think so.

  16. @ComicBookChris I didn’t care that he was in it so I wouldn’t have cared if he wasn’t.  What I was trying to say is you can’t make everyone happy.  Comic book fans love to complain it’s in our nature the same reason others complained about Elixir not being in Second Coming is the same reason people would complain about Bastion not being addressed in X-factor…because we can. 🙂

  17. People complained about Elixer not being in Second Coming because he was a major character in X-Force and made no sense to be absent in a crossover that was focused around them. Bastion, on the other hand, has nothing to do with X-Factor. Apples and oranges, there.

  18. @comicBookchris Was Bastion not trying to kill ALL mutants?  Are there mutants on X-factor? Why didn’t he try to kill the mutants on X-factor? It’s easy to do. Just like with Elixir I didn’t even know he existed until people complained so for me it didn’t matter but for you it did.  You are right it wasn’t necessary for most people who read X-factor to have a crossover but there are always the nit-picky fans who will harp on something other people consider irrelevant or unnecessary like…. Steve Rogers hair changing from artist to artist or How are all the heroes Hulking out when they are in Wyoming fighting during Siege?

  19. You’re severely overgeneralizing. Being as that pretty much everyone was saying that they were picking this up after dropping it during the crossover, and those that didn’t drop it said that it was underquality for even slightly being a part of it,  it’s safe to say that no one is causing trouble and are just glad that a book they enjoy is back on track. The only one causing trouble is you. Quit it.

  20. @chris lol

  21. @comicBOOKchris Lol No. Thank you for realizing I generalize.  This book lost 6 readers from this site because of a crossover that wasn’t horrible and wasn’t great it was a lull in the story which happens all the time in comics.  The story that was told I thought was lots of fun and an interesting way of including X-factor in a story that they were forced into because they were a mutant book.  The numbers on this site state that each of the 3 issues had at least 50 more readers than before the crossover so unless that trend ends anytime soon expect to see X-factor in a LOT more crossovers….unless they move the book out of the 616 like I suggested earlier.  Be it Max or Marvel Knights but that solves the problem of the crossover.

  22. @Damon And the pulls are down about 40 less after the crossover. So for the polity of reader on this site, sales of the "regular" book were not helped by the sales of the "event" issues. This is of course taking into account that the pulls for the site are notoriously inaccurate reflections of actual sales, and that there’s no way to account for what percentage of users on the site are reflected by the # of pulls. This is to say, that just because 4 months ago there were 300 pulls out of, let’s say a figurative 1500 total users, that there aren’t now 300 pulls of of 2500 figurative users, which would mean either the base of X-Factor never changed in 4 months or that any new readers gained were negated by the lost readers. There’s really no way to tell.

  23. @Prax You are probably right but I still say move X-factor to Marvel Knights or Max and give PAD full reign over the whole X-factor universe without having to deal with pesky Marvel U continuity to mess it up.

  24. This was a special issue for me. It has been a year since Shatterstar and Rictor had their first kiss, and we’ve seen little since then about them other than cheesy one-liners and borderline stereotypical gay jokes … not that I’m complaining … I was just wondering whether Peter David was going to actually DO anything with them now that they’re officially out of the closet.

    So … seeing Rictor and Shatterstar have a meaningful conversation about their relationship (and that that conversation was about stuff that guys in relationships with guys actually talk about … i.e. whether or not they’re "open", monogamous, etc. or what the quote-unquote "relationship" is "about") made it believable for me … and it was a start at delivering pretty much what I’ve been wanting to see more of these last twelve months … EVEN though, yes, I understand that this IS a book about a mutant detective agency and NOT a book about two male lovers. Anyway … that part worked for me. FINALLY we may be going somewhere with that plot thread.

    I’m also REALLY curious to see what happens with Rahne now. There was a two-page spread back in issue #13 of this volume where she was "in session" with Doc. Samson and all upset because she’d seen herself in a vision having murdered/gutted Madrox and a grown-up Layla. It seems to me that, in this book at least, Peter David has a way of planting seeds for stories that come to fruition many many months later (like the scene in issue #14, for example, where Rictor and Madrox are having a beer together and Madrox makes a funny to Rictor about making sure he doesn’t make Shatterstar jealous … LONG before we see their first kiss in #45).

    This is one of my favorite books ANYWAY … but I especially enjoyed this issue and am looking forward to seeing where it all goes.


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