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A SECOND COMING – REVELATIONS TIE-IN! You’re Bolivar Trask, the reanimated leader of the Mutant Response Division. Your mission: Kill every member of X-Factor. How to accomplish that without collateral damage? Easy: hire the team for what seems to be a routine case that will send them into a certain death trap. Problem solved.

WRITER: Peter David
COVER BY: David Yardin

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Avg Rating: 3.6
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  1. I want to know why they don’t just let David Yardin draw the interiors cuz his cover are awesome

  2. Does this resolve the last issue or leave it hanging until Second Coming ends? And this is not a full fledged Second Coming Chapter, but merely a (likely meaningless) tie-in. Sigh.

  3. Hopefully the tie-in won’t sink this title….

  4. the last issue wrapped up the FF arc… it’s not interrupting. Also, this isn’t a chapter of SC, so it’ll be it’s own arc that is related to the event but not directly tie into it.

  5. Not to advocate the use of Adi Granov, but you’d think they’d get him to do this cover since he’s doing the rest of the event.

  6. but it’s not technically part of the event. as in its not chapter x of SC

  7. @Skeets While you’re right that it is only tangentially related to Second Coming, JimBilly has a fair point in that last issue was a cliffhanger with Baron Mordo. The solicit provided doesn’t really seem to have anything to do with that storyline. I’m more concerned that Secret Invasion just sapped the momentum the book had at the point and it really took until 200 for the book regain it. 

  8. SI sapped the momentum for one arc, immediately after it was like the best part of the series. I know you didn’t care for the future storyline but the baby arc? COME ON!!!


    admittedly I forgot about the ending of last issue, but just to quell your fears:

    #205 solicit: The mutant hunter Bastion has sent the Mutant Response Division and the newly resurrected Bolivar Trask after X-Factor with one mission: Kill them all. And it seems thus far that all is going according to plan. Meanwhile in the jungles of South America, Strong Guy has to form an extremely unlikely alliance if he wants to save Monet from the MRD.

    #206 solicit: At last! All the members of X-Factor are reunited in this climactic, slam-bang X-plosion of a conclusion as Trask decides to take matters into his own hands and personally direct the forces of the Mutant Response Division into a full blown war against everyone’s favorite mutant detective team!

  9. @skeets I actually didn’t care for the baby arc either. Thanks for the solicits, I’m okay with them shifting focus for an issue.

  10. Good thing I read the comments here…I thought I was going crazy and that I missed the issue involving Baron Mordo. I’m hoping this is a more organic tie-in than the above ones mentioned, as Messiah Complex seemed to fanagle the line up against its will, and the SI one was a textbook example of a company-wide event being shoehorned in.

  11. Ouch. This was kind of boring. Not bad, but… lifeless. 3/5 for me. 

  12. The middle was pretty good.  The beginning and end? Not so much… I’m almost certain I won’t stick with this book after Second Coming, but now I’m not sure if I’ll last that long.

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s normally good, it’s just so dense that I think he’d work better in trades. 

  13. Why not put Yardin in interiors? His covers are great!

  14. Just as I hoped for. It’s a tie in, yeah, but this issue still has that X-Factor flavor. Twas a good read.

  15. More and more I get the sense that X-Factor fans and mainstream X-fans are drifting apart.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing.

  16. see nothing to worry about guys.

  17. It didn’t completely drop the Mordo plot and I really liked all the hints and clues telling us that the main action we saw was not what was really going on. Still an interrupt, but I found I liked it a lot. Of course Longshot had to handle the money. Of course he did.

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