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Deep into unknown jungles go Monet and Guido, a.k.a. Strong Guy, a two-person rescue team in a desperate gambit to free Monet’s father from the hands of terrorists. And what exactly do the terrorists want? They want Monet, as it turns out. And you’ll never guess who’s behind it all.

WRITER: Peter David
INKS: Pat Davidson
COLORED BY: Jeromy Cox
COVER BY: David Yardin

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Avg Rating: 3.6
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  1. The Fantastic Four arc was alot shorter than I expected, which is good since it moved at a brisk pace. Now we’re getting to the other plot started in #200, which is the business with Monet’s dad.  As always, its gonna be a great ride.

  2. And next issue, it’s the begining of the Second Coming- Revelations tie-in story arc. So this issue wil probably be an awesome "one-shot".

  3. This cover is pretty hilarious. There’s some cool Silver Age-iness to it. "This issue! X-Factor vs. Dinosaurs!"

  4. I loved issue 200 and the return to X-Investigators, but then we ended up in Latveria with dimension hopping Dooms… It was good, but not really the X-Detectives that it started out to be. Now they are battling Dinosaurs in the Jungle? I will read and enjoy this because even weak Peter David stories are good stories, but this is not exactly how I thought the reboot would go.

  5. Monet is my favorite, so i’m looking forward to this.

  6. Can’t wait to see M crush this guy….

  7. This was a decent issue, I gave it a 3/5, but did it feel disjointed to anyone else? I felt like things just didn’t quite seem to be working, or that I was missing necessary information. Not bad, but a bit of a letdown for me. Didn’t expect the reveal though, but quite frankly… who could?

  8. @Prax Was it the Monet backstory that you felt information was missing? That’s the only thing I can think of, because otherwise, I thought this was a pretty cohesive issue.
    Guido shaking up leads for a missing person search was a cool read. And that villain reveal…totally out of left field! Good stuff.

  9. @comicbookchris No, I was pretty aware of Monet’s past from my GenX days. My problems seemed to be with the Guido side of the story. Things just seemed to be happening for no real reason. Why was he looking for this particular woman for clues? I know there was an overly cliche "She knows what’s going down in the town" line but it really just all seemed trite and pasted together.

  10. @Prax I felt a little off while reading this too. It just jumped right into the story, which made me think I forgot to read the last issue (which I didn’t).

  11. The art didn’t help. I can’t believe they spent 2-3 pages talking about the Hepplewhite cabinet and De Landro didn’t bother to draw one. And Monet’s backstory is a total mess, so any dealing with that tends to get sucked down the same drain (it is the reason I don’t like the character. Either she has no backstory and is two dimensional, or they try to deal with it and things fall rapidly apart). And the parapalegic said, "In New York they’d say fuggedabouit": cringe! I think I disliked this issue the most since the SI days.  

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