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It’s all been building toward this: A suicidal assault on Castle Doom in the heart of Latveria as the unlikely trio of Monet, Shatterstar and the Thing go head-to-head with the guy who has his own complete country. Meanwhile, who or what exactly was buried in that lonely grave? And did Madrox arrive in time to make a difference? Plus, Franklin and Valeria Richards are on the run from the most unexpected enemy of all, and the only person who can defend them is…Strong Guy? Part 3 of “The Invisible Woman has Vanished!” Get it before it vanishes off the shelves!

WRITER: Peter David
PENCILS: Bing Cansino
COVER BY: David Yardin

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.6
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  1. I love the two issues of this I’ve read (three if you include the Nation X One Shot) but it’s almost too dense for me to read on a monthly basis.

  2. This title has been great since 200, hope this continues.

  3. Fuck to the yeah, X-Factor. Love this title!

  4. This title has been great since issue 1

  5. Always been impressed with how Peter David has approached this title.  You can tell he cares alot for these characters.

  6. @skeets  Yer damn right

  7. @skeets Wait, the 80s issue 1 or the 00s issue 1? How about the early 90s before David caem on board. Those weren’t so good.

     As much as I love Doom, he is really over-exposed at the moment. He can’t be everyone’s villain, every issue, no matter how awesome he is.


  8. @JimBilly well I was talking about vol 2 and on, but I love volume 1, pretty much all of it up until around issue 100 was great.

  9. Layla and Doom together is fucking awesome.

  10. I’m a little surprised by the average rating.  I thought this issue was spectacular as was Cansino’s art.  Too bad he’s not staying on.

  11. This was really good until the coloring miss hap (Layla colored as Monet for two pages) which distracted me from a slightly clunky to begin with ending.

  12. Whoa!  Please tell me Shatterstar didn’t just get writtten off.  That guy has been a great addition to this book.

  13. I’m getting bored with this title. Thinking I should drop it.


  14. Painter Doom was awesome.

  15. @mikeandzod21  I know! What the hell! I’m still not sure if it was Monet or Layla who distracted Shatterstar.  I know that it wasnt Cansino’s fault but I will still be glad to see an art change for the book. (Still hate Guido’s new look)

    Still, as always PAD weaved a great story.  Layla’s starting to kinda creep me out. 🙂

  16. @alanrob you liked Guido’s old look better?  With the sprout of hair and the outdated glasses?  I’m not with you there.

  17. Is there any way to rescue Guido? The character is entertaining with some surprising depths. His look and name are stupid beyond measure. I think the new (bad) look is a step in the right direction. If each new artist mutates him a little further maye we can find a look that works. Then we just have the problem with the name, which I believe is PAD’s fault in the first place (Strong Guy.. ho,ho, so funny). He broke it,, he should fix it.

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