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Something is rotten in the state of Latveria. How does it relate to the disappearance of the Invisible Woman? How does it involve Layla Miller, and is she now an ally of Doctor Doom, with all of her precious knowledge at his disposal? Will Madrox learn exactly who is buried beneath that mysterious grave? And will you buy the issue in order to find out? We dunno; what’re we, psychic?

WRITER: Peter David
PENCILS: Bing Cansino
COLORED BY: Jeromy Cox
COVER BY: David Yardin

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. I’ve only ever read issue #200 but I think I’m a fan.

  2. The premise of this arc is fucking excellent.

  3. @OnASunday

    My thoughts exactly.  I’ve also read Nation X: X-Factor.  It was great at building up these characters, which I love because the number 1 reason I drop team books is because it takes me too long to figure out who everyone is/what they’re about. 

  4. Cool. Really enjoyed #200, it was a big, big turn around for me, I hope this continues along the same lines.

  5. best marvel book 4 years running

  6. I’ve always enjoyed X-Factor, even when the stories were slumping. That being said, I’m real glad that the arc plots are interesting again. This is my favorite book on the stands, and I always look forward to it the most out of anything else.

  7. A great issue. It was the third issue I read today that involved the Fantastic Four (FF and Ult. Enemy) and it was the issue that dealt with them the best! I’m enjoying the mystery and the character conflicts feel natural. 5/5 

  8. Another good issue, but I wish there was a better introduction to the character since I jumped on at 200.  Even a little something like in Guardians of the Galaxy, how they have the names and pictures on the recap page would be helpful.

  9. This kind of story’s what I wanted after Messiah Complex. It took David two years, but he’s winning me back.

  10. Does anyone know whats up with the Stronguy redesign? I know he could simply have "gotten a haircut" and bought "new glasses"  but does anyone know if David has said anything about it?

  11. @AlanRob: Whatever is up with it, it’s terrible.

  12. Strong Guy is like Ultimate Peter Parker’s haircut. Anything they do to it, it still looks awful. Great cliffhanger.

  13. Strong Guy is a one off joke that won’t end. Don’t get me wrong, I think David turned him into a solid character, but the baggage he brings (name, character design) is a constant throbbing wound that just won’t properly heal. 

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