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• Power Girl and Huntress attempt to get back home to Earth 2 – but is the Boom Tube just a one-way trip?

• The secrets of Power Girl’s abilities revealed.

• Featuring artwork by the legendary Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez and Jerry Ordway!

Written by Paul Levitz
Art by George Pérez, José Luis García-López, & Jerry Ordway
Cover by Jerry Ordway
Variant Cover by Jerry Ordway

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Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. I like how when Huntresses catches the guy trying to shoot people at the Take Back The Night rally, she cuts him off and says she doesn’t care when he tries to give an explanation. Clever way to side step giving the villain anything approaching realistic motivation.

    • Fair enough, although I’m not sure I cared about his motivation either. He’s just a guy with a gun. We don’t need a Doctor Doom level monologue.

    • Doctor Doom actually has a more realistic motivation. This guy wants to shoot women because they don’t like rape. That’s cartoonishly evil even by cartoon standards.

  2. Reading a self-contained story was a breath of fresh air, and I enjoyed the format in this issue. What really bugs me is the ongoing joke with Power Girl’s cleavage; I can’t take the character seriously.

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