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• Mr. Terrific and Power Girl reunited? But if Michael Holt is still on Earth 2, who is kissing Karen Starr?

Story by Paul Levitz
Art by Ken Lashley, Barry Kitson, & Robson Rocha
Cover by Barry Kitson

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Avg Rating: 3.4
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  1. Barry Kitson drew my favourite comic of all time, Legion ’91 #30.

    And now he’s back.


  2. Barry Kitson, huh?

    I will check this out when the trade comes out.

  3. Barry Kitson did six pages. Yeah.

    Weird issue. Three artists, and in part because of that, the book lacked a lot of forward thrust. Is this the middle of an arc? The start of a new one? I don’t know.

    Not a bad comic, but a fairly forgettable one. A low 3/5.

  4. Like with Earth 2, I have a hard time keeping the thread alive in my mind from book to book. Maybe it’s just me. I just don’t know where this is going or what they’re trying to solve. Also get hung on details like them breaking into that place in DC out of costume and not seeming to care about leaving fingerprints. I know, I know. Picky.

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