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  1. This should be fun. Gates has really impressed on Supergirl.

  2. Has anyone found the Red Robin cover?  I pre-ordered that version without ever seeing it.

  3. It’ll be nice to see Gates writing other characters besides Supergirl. His Faces of Evil Prometheus one-shot was great. 

  4. I wasn’t planning on getting this, but I love me some Sterling Gates.

  5. Hmm. Sounds like a great idea; (New) Nightwing and Red Robin team up, but 4 issues? I was kinda hoping to see different pairings of the new Superman/Batman status quo. And by "hoping to see" I mean from the time it took me to read the solicit to scroll down to the comment box.

  6. each issue is a different pairing, #1 red robin and nightwing 2# robin and  guardian #3 batgirl and supergirl #4 superman and batman

  7. I’m on the fence with this one, I really want to read it but I’m wondering if I wait for the trade if it will have all the covers… Plus I got like 28 dollars worth of books I’m getting this week and 24 sitting at the LCS from last week so I may put this one off  and wait, but I want it so I dont know.

  8. @matt
    Oh, cool. They didn’t make mention of that here and the cover only featuring one of the two main characters (I wasn’t aware of the variant) made me think that. Nifty.

  9. @oldmanlogan88

    He looks like he’s pushing 50 =

  10. Two former Batman sidekicks working together to rescue the Kryptonian Heroine Flamebird sounds cool.

  11. @evil09: Only one former sidekick.

  12. Decent read. Nothing amazing here, and the story was a little by the numbers. A few things weren’t explained… how did Nightwing know Tim’s name, for one? 3/5.

  13. @PraxJarvin: That was explained in the issue. Tim and Chris met a long ways back when Chris was first introduced.

  14. @Conor I must have missed them meeting in "Last Son?" Because other than that it seemed like Tim just cut him off and went with it for no reason.

  15. Toyman! Cool!

    Sterling Gates is a consistently good writer. 

  16. Same here, Prax. Pretty good, but the conceit of the team ups between the Super & Bat families is what keeps me interested.

  17. as a new reader, i was a bit confused who these kryptonians are…

  18. @mansuper
    Quick-ish summary: Brainiac bottles the inhabitants of the Kryptonian city of Kandor before Krypton goes kablooey. In this bottling process, the entire city and its inhabitants are shrunken down. Supes manages to rebiggenate them during the excellent Geoff Johns/Gary Frank Action Comics story arc called "Brainiac". The Kandor folk are like, "F this!" when they are feared for being so powerful, lift up a chunk of land and form a small satellite to Earth and call it New Krypton, Superman has to keep them in check, so he goes up there, where his old enemy Zod is a general.

    Zod’s got sleeper agents on Earth still, so who’s gonna keep tabs on ’em? Nightwing and Flamebird. Nightwing is Chris Kent; Superman’s adopted son who is in fact Zod’s biological child (This was during the Johns/Richard Donner written arc, I didn’t read it myself). Through whatever happens there, Chris is stuck in the Phantom Zone, and for further reasons I’m not sure of/don’t remember, is aged to a young adult (18-20something I’d wager; Wikipedia says it’s because he was born in the Phantom Zone). Flamebird is … I have no idea, here ya go: Frankly, that’s your best bet for all the info w/o any of my jargon, coloquialisms, and incorrect statements. 

    The two of them are the main stars of Action Comics while Superman is on holiday on New Krypton. Superman is, of course, not actually on vacation and his dealings with the Kryptonian culture clashing with his own upbringing can be chronicled in Superman: World of New Krypton. The Superman title is currently being headlined by Mon-El as well as Guardian (guy w/ the blue & gold costume and a shield), I believe, I stopped reading it a while back. I think Steel pops up in there, too. Supergirl is of course starring in her book and Superboy (Con-El/Conner Kent) is at the moment starring in Adventure Comics, which has co-features starring the Legion of Superheroes. 

  19. @captbastd – cool, thanks for the summary. Is new krpton the place where its on the other side of the sun from earth?

  20. @mansuper
    Upon a quick Wiki-ing, yes. I thought it was a satellite of Earth, but you’re right it’s basically the complete opposite side of Earth in relation to the Sun. Also according to the Wiki entry, this positioning is a reference to the 1940s Superman radio show; who’da thunk it?

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