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Flashes of a destroyed Themyscira haunt Diana all over again as an Amazon safe house is completely destroyed. The culprits? Cheetah and Silver Swan, who work for the mysterious Morrigan. How does Diana get out of this one? According to Cheetah, “You run…”

Variant Cover by ALEX GARNER

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  1. Gotten much better than it was under JMS but I’m still not connecting with the character.

  2. Better with every issue, but I may take a pass this week.

  3. Yeah, not connecting as well as I would like, but im gonna give it to the end of the story line when, presumably, Wondy gets her mojo back.

  4. I’ve been loving this book @Minion isn’t it still being written by JMS?

  5. @3rdRedBird:  It’s basically Hester writing w/in JMS’s general plot.

  6. @3rdRedBird  JMS is off writing more Earth One OGNs.  This is really being piloted by Phil Hester at the moment.

  7. I heard that walking-around Superman had a cross-over with Wonder Woman last issue.  Is anyone here reading both titles, and if so, can you tell me if that Superman issue had anything critical in it for WW’s storyline? 

  8. @ctrosejr  They ran into each other. Was it critical? Hard to say.

  9. According to Hester, you can place her appearence in Superman on the timeline, but it’s not really important to the actual Wonder Woman book–which is probably for the best, because that whole “You inspired me to be a hero, Superman” thing didn’t fly AT ALL and the less said about it the better.

  10. I’m still loving this story I think it’ll be interesting to see how WW is going to play out in Justice League Generation Lost story. Now that Max Lord is actively looking for her starting in this issue.

  11. So far the first three issues ift he run (JMS as main scripter) were my favorites but still find this fun to read and re-read/ Looking forward to this Silver Swan business. She’s a rather obscure villain correct?

  12. @ctrosejr  The simple answer is no. I highly doubt that issue will have anything to do with Wonder Woman’s arc.

    That being said how much do you want to bet I eat those words?

  13. Ooohh Silver Swan, I wonder if this version will be completely new or a reworking of the original Silver Swan or even Nessie/Silver Swan.  Either one I don’t care. 

  14. So what happen to Don Kramer? Covers are great, but I would prefer interiors.

  15. Am I the only one who think’s Kramer’s faces are a little strange? His blocking and layouts are great, and I really like his figures, but something about the faces always seems a bit… off somehow. This has bothered me ever since he was on JSA back in the day.

  16. @CaseyJustice: You’re not the only one. When he was announced on WW that was the first thing I thought of. It was less noticeable in his Detective run a few years back. His faces generally work just fine for his men, but his women look a bit beaknosed and masculine at times. Still, a great visual storyteller.

  17. I am still reading this title; which for me is strange since I have never stayed on a WW title for more than an issue or two. What does that mean to me, I am not sure because there are some questions that I can’t seem to answer and keep waiting for the book to answer them.

  18. So…the blurb for this issue was wrong?  Cheetah, Giganta, and Artemis were the villains in this issue.  Anybody know if Silver Swan is forthcoming?  

    LOVED that Dr. Psycho showed up in this issue. I’m glad that JMS/Hester are giving a break from Circe.  I feel like she’s been overused as a villain in the last 2-3 years. 

  19. I really liked this issue. The villains got to show off some of their specialities and not just be random warriors or bland mythological creatures(I love them but they didn’t make me feel anything in the previous issues), and Wonder Woman actually showed some real tenacity staying if the fight even though she was outmatched in every way. Also a interesting new character(He may not be NEW new but he is new to me.)

    It makes me even more annoyed at how trival her trip to the underworld was. Back then she didn’t really seem like she had trouble coming back from death itself. It should have been much more of a challenge.

  20. Liked the art much better in this, thought WW shoulda been able to turn the tides a little more after finding that shield, but interesting twist at the end with Dr. Psycho.

  21. I think the art team is good now. I hope they keep it on this book until the arc ends. And yes, where was Silver Swan? I was kind if interested. Is she those veiled spirits?

  22. Dr. Psycho I have not seen him in comics for awhile now. The last time I have seen him was a few months ago on the DC Universe on Line game which; was really cool. WW needs to get this situation straightened out and it has something to do with Maxwell Lord I am sure of it now! Well I am enjoying this series so far lets see what happens?

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