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The controversial, epic story crafted by J. Michael Straczynski marches on! Diana continues to search for those that have sent hunters to butcher her fellow Amazons. Who is responsible? As Diana nears the truth, her foes only get more impossible to defeat!

Art and cover by DON KRAMER & JAY LEISTEN
Variant cover by ALEX GARNER

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.2%
Avg Rating: 3.4
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  1. Isn’t this last issues cover?

  2. I’m still on the fence about where this book is headed. But I’m pretty sure I won’t stop reading it because I genuinely want to know how it ends.

  3. @JNewcomb  Yep, but it’s the one DC sent out. We’ll have to wait for an updated cover.

  4. It is a bold new direction, same cover for every issue! Why fix it if it ain’t broke? Do they change the cover on your cereal box every month? Ok, yes they do. But I need to know if it is even more magically delicious!

  5. I enjoyed the last issue, but I’m not sure how much longer this story is going to keep me interested.  I’m gonna need to see some story progress and some asskicking if they want to keep me on board.

  6. @stuclach  Funnily enough, Wonder Woman’s appearance in Superman last week renergized me for this series. I guess I want to see more of the new Wonder Woman in the DCU beging dealt with.

  7. @conor  Do elaborate! 🙂

  8. @ conor  Yeah, I liked WW’s appearance in Superman too.  

    But I’m confused.  I thought she was in another reality.  So, how did she see Superman?  And if she is in the current DCU, then what about the Cheetah, Giganta, and Artemis?(I think) that appeared in the previous issue of WW, the actual characters?  I thought they were from a parallel Earth.  

    My other issue WW being inspired to be a hero by Superman.  That seems to bring down her own stature instead of someone who is on an equal level with Superman

  9. the “New Wonder Woman” is in the DCU. The “original” one has never existed. That’s how it’s being played out right now anyway. In Generation Lost, Maxwell Lord is being told by the White Lantern to kill Wonder Woman and he has no idea who Wonder Woman is. (He even points out the irony, since the world doesn’t know who max is.)

  10. I’ve been on the fence with this until last issue, then I was suddenly wanting more.  Curious how this all turns out.  I’m enjoying the story, overlooking the costume for the moment.

  11. @zattaric  No one is on an equal level with Superman. That’s part of what makes him Superman.

  12. I’m loving this more and more with every issue. Can’t wait for this.

  13. I’m getting this issue from DCBS but am still really excited to see what happens. I almost dropped this book during Simone’s run but I’ve been loving this new direction.

  14. This is probably going to be my last issue for this run. I’m not really caring about Diana in this or her mission, but at least its been better than Superman has been since Grounded started (708 was fun tho). 

  15. @conor  I may have to go pick up that issue.

  16. @ conor I don’t mean equal power-wise, but in the sense of the big 3.  Batman isn’t Superman’s equal power-wise, but Superman considers him his equal.  Wonder Woman is on that same level.

  17. A solid issue. I feel like we are actually exploring what it means to be wonder woman.

  18. This book is very dark.

  19. POW. This book is making me care about Wonder Woman as a character, something thst I’ve only ever experienced watching the animated movie. Well done, JMS but I’m guessing primarily Phil Hester.

  20. @Noto Max Lord was told to kill Magog and he did.  He finished what he was supposed to do.  He wants to kill WW and no one else knows who she is though.  Which makes me wonder if the other people brought back by the white lantern remember her too.  Or if Booster and the other JLI memebers remember her since they remember Max (though I suspect they won’t because PG and Batman have both remembered Max at times).

  21. Hey this issue reminded me, what ever happened to the Minotaur that was Wonder Womam’s cook?

  22. This was a good issue. I am enjoying where Wonder Woman is going even if I don’t feel like it will hold me forever.

  23. I’m out until she gets back to the DCU.

  24. Still feels a bit aimless since the shake up. Only JMS can tell a wandering JMS story. Making Hester do it waters it down a bit, I think. Also, not really feeling the bad guys.

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