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This is it! The mysterious leader of the paramilitary organization finally confronts Wonder Woman as she continues learning what happened to the Amazons and why reality is askew! J. Michael Straczynski’s epic tale keeps rolling on!

Variant cover by ALEX GARNER

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  1. zzz… can someone wake me up when this gets interesting?

  2. Actually been enjoying this quite a bit. It’s not knocking my socks off, but it’s a book I always look forward to reading.

  3. Hasn’t been bad, but I’m still not caring about Wonder Woman. This may be my last issue.

  4. My LCS always runs out of this.  Hope I can read this soon.

  5. This is the best Wonder Woman run I’ve ever read (not a difficult thing to achieve).

  6. It’s a full week and this is dangerously close to the drop zone.  I want to support the character, but it’s just not interesting me.  I may decide on Wednesday.

  7. I admit, I wasn’t wowed by Issue 601 or 602, but 603 kept me baited for the rest of the run. We’ll see how I feel with this, as it seems to end the first story "arc."

  8. It’s been downhill since Rucka’s run on WW, this has had some potential, but still not as good.

  9. 🙂

  10. Although at times the issues seem slow, the past J. MICHAEL STRACZYNSKI runs: Squadron Supreme(although not finished), Midnight nation and Rising Stars have gotten my attention.  The impact of those series have had a great impact on my comic reading experience. 

  11. last issue sold more then the issues before it which is a good sign of the interst in the book.

  12. The last 2 issues haven’t made much sense to me, I hope the story starts making sense soon!

  13. I’ve been loving this book.  Diana is so bad ass

  14. JMS needs to pick up the pace!

  15. Pick up the pace? These three issues have been a freight train!

    1: Wonder Woman learns the circumstances of her mother’s death.

    2: She finds a group of lost amazons and fights off the oppresors.

    3: She goes to Hades and then meets her mother’s killer.

    What would you take out for the story to go quicker?

  16. @JumpingJupiter: I agree, the story is moving along really briskly.

  17. Best issue so far. I’m in for another month.

  18. I’m really enjoying this run so far, and this issue was no exception. The story is intriguing, the art is solid at the very least, and the action is explosive. The fight between Diana and the Boss was so well paced. And the scene where Diana flies for the first time was awesome.

    I dropped JMS’s Superman (not for me), but so far this has really gripped me. And I’m lovin her new costume. Now that she finally has the lasso to go along with the sweet sword and shield combo, the look is much more heroic.

    Now if only she would lose that damn jacket.

  19. This is great stuff. Loving the new direction, and the emotion in the fight scene in this issue was fantastic.

  20. My store didn’t get it . . .

    First time this kind of thing has happened at my store.

    Anyone else on the west coast have this problem?

  21. @ScorpionMasada: my store was shorted 20 copies of it (I came in 15 minutes after they opened and they already sold the few they got or held them for subscribers). I’m in Fremont, CA.  Maybe it is a west coast thing like you mentioned?

  22. What LCS in Fremont do you go to? 

    I picked this up in Berkeley, where I work, 15 minutes after opening and they had plenty. Might be an issue for smaller stores, who get shortchanged more often than the larger ones.

  23. This. Was. AWESOME!!!!

  24. @ drakedangerz, I go to Treasure Island Comics. I live much closer to C&J Comics (I think that’s what it’s called) but I’ve had horrible experiences both times I tried to go there since moving to Newark last year.

  25. Treasure Island is a fantastic store.

  26. although i find his work on Thor to be the best i read, WW is starting to pick up for me.  This last issue was good, not great but good enough to keep me interested.

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